Choosing a New Asian Male Haircut

Opting for an Asian male haircut can boost your confidence and enhance your style, visually and mentally. This style is easy to maintain and complements various types of attire seamlessly!

Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is a versatile Asian male hairstyle that allows you to express yourself and show off your style. It combines a Caesar cut’s sharpness with a mullet’s casual appearance. Ask your barber to taper the sides while leaving a portion in front for bangs over the forehead. Line the edges up with hair gel or mousse for a captivating design.

High Fade

The high fade is an ideal style for Asian men. It combines elements from bowl cuts and Caesar cuts and works best with medium-length hair. Use a hairbrush to comb everything forward and let some fringes fall onto your forehead for this style. This look is beautiful when paired with clean-cut stubble.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a timeless Asian hairstyle that provides a clean and fashionable appearance while helping to slim your face. However, creating this style requires lots of gel, and layering up the hair may take some practice. Once created, it can be easily maintained every day.

Tousled Fade

A tousled fade is a stylish way to add flair to a plain fade haircut. This look works well with various hair textures, and maintenance is simple. Brush back your locks before applying light mousse to keep them in place without becoming stiff or sticky. This look also looks fantastic when combined with colored streaks for extra flair!

Spiked Hair

Spiked hair has become increasingly popular among Asian men, thanks to anime characters. If you have long, thick locks, ask your barber for a low fade with a more extended top section to highlight your curls. Use hair gel or mousse to style them into soft spikes afterward.


The undercut is an iconic Asian hairstyle that can be worn at various lengths to showcase individual style without losing the cool factor. It can easily be customized by applying bright color streaks through chalking or permanent dyeing. Individuals with straight hair can slick back their locks easily for sleek results.

Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut is an elegant casual haircut perfect for younger men. The sides of the hair should be cut short, while the top coat should be brushed back and fringes rolled into bangs to create an eye-catching curtain effect. Use holding spray to complete this look!


Mohawks are an excellent way to express yourself through hairstyle. You can easily personalize them to showcase your individuality through temporary chalking or permanent dyeing processes, and they work well on all hair lengths and styles.

Hair Oil for Men

hair oil is ideal for keeping Asian men’s locks long and sleek. A premium product such as this makes it simple to achieve a polished look, showcasing your unique sense of style and drawing attention from women.

Unique Asian Male Haircut with Long-Spiked Hair

This unique Asian male haircut features long spiked hair that grazes the shoulders. It is ideal for formal looks and can be further enhanced with a well-groomed goatee or stubble.