Anthony Davis Hairstyles

Anthony Davis is widely respected for his skill on the court, yet also stands out with a distinct personal style off it. Recently he has been seen sporting braided hairstyles such as cornrows and twists. He also tried on other styles, like the drop fade haircut. Keep reading to discover more of this stylish cut!

Drop Fade

The Drop Fade haircut is a contemporary take on classic fade, elevating your look to new heights. Perfectly complementing any tall hairstyles such as pompadours and tall styles like quiffs, it suits men of all ages and face shapes; thick curly locks can benefit greatly as this helps tame and polish them.

As its name implies, this style features a gradual fade that gradually descends into your scalp – in contrast to shadow fades that only go as high as your ears. Like other fade styles, the Drop Fade is straightforward to maintain and pairs well with any hairstyle. Simply communicate clearly with your barber about what type of contrast you prefer – higher or lower fade is up to you based on personal taste! However, keeping this cut looking its best might prove challenging with beard growth as well.


Cornrow hairstyles can be an excellent way to highlight your natural texture. Their timeless appeal complements any haircut – from fades and undercuts, all the way through to disconnected undercuts and any color. However, coarse strands tend to work best.

If you want a unique take on this timeless trend, try having your hair braided asymmetrically so it encases around the crown of your head – this style will draw both compliments and attention! If you’re feeling daring, dye your hair several tones lighter than its natural hue for a striking contrast. Danai Gurira was seen sporting this style on the red carpet with a golden headband for added romance; Erica Ash tried something more tribal African with Fulani braids enhanced with beads as Erica Ash went for tribal African styles that add pops of color that are perfect for special events.

Box Braids

Box braids offer more styling versatility than cornrows do, including pulling out front strands to frame your face – as made popular by actress Marsai Martin. This simple twist can draw attention to carefully executed makeup looks while adding a bohemian touch.

Box braids make a chic statement in an easy, low maintenance high ponytail look. To maintain sleek braids, select a silk scrunchie that won’t snag them; to complete the look add hair or facial gems like Joyjah Estrada did here. When seeking box braids, it’s essential to find a stylist with extensive experience and knowledge of healthy protective styling techniques. Interviewing multiple stylists prior to booking an appointment is one way to do this effectively; be mindful if your stylist pulls too hard as this could damage your scalp and lead to traction alopecia later on.

Faded Afro

The Faded Afro haircut combines natural Afro with fade, creating an eye-catching style and unique appearance. This haircut works best on men with wavy hair, as it highlights crown hair. A sponge effect can be created with the fade, while top hair may be left longer to produce mesmerizing coils. This style also works great on men who sport beards; trimming will keep it looking its best at home!

A fade haircut is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Perfect for any special occasion and face shape, a fade looks good when paired with beard, lineup or half moon part styles.