Anime Characters With Purple Hair

Anime often employs non-realistic hair colors as stand-ins for real-world shades; purple may represent black hair. No matter their mission of killing zombies or collecting souls, anime girls with purple hair are fierce and adorable! Sure to put a smile on any fan’s face!

Akatsuki from Elder Tale

Akatsuki is a short and cute ninja girl who takes role-playing seriously. Before the Catastrophe forced all logged-in players into Log Horizon’s digital world, she played as a male assassin until Shiroe gave her an appearance reset potion that changed her into a petite female killer with long purple locks. She is a close confidante to Naotsugu and finds perverts repulsive; one running gag in the series involves her kneeing him in the face whenever he makes a sexual comment.

Kurumi from School-Live!

Kurumi is an adorable zombie-killing badass who looks fantastic in a school uniform. Her purple locks are tied back into two pigtails, making her an endearing character for fans. Furthermore, she’s brilliant yet still interested in helping her zombie friends when they show signs of humanity.

Faye from Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine is an adept fighter who employs her looks as another weapon in her arsenal. She wears waist-length purple hair in a slightly wavy style for maximum effect, adding humor and carefree charm to the Bebop crew. Faye is a brilliant and resourceful character; she can even escape being handcuffed in the Bebop toilet by stealing one of the bounty hunters’ ships! Over time, Faye builds trust with the Bebop crew and appreciates their friendship – she even refers to them as her family! Daniella Pineda, the actress who portrayed Faye Valentine in the live-action adaptation, shared her experience and insights in an interview.

Yuuki from Fate/Stay Night

Yuuki is the female protagonist in Fate/Stay Night. Distinguished by her long purple locks tied back in a high ponytail, Yuuki is a vampire princess who takes great pleasure in making others around her feel happy and secure. A talented swordswoman as well, she makes for an overall fantastic person! Yuuki lives at the Kuran Mansion with Aido as her servant, where she enjoys cooking and devouring sweets like ice cream in her free time. Additionally, she likes reading books and playing video games.

Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato, known by her code name of Humanoid Interface, was sent to North High to observe Haruhi Suzumiya. Although she initially seems shy and introverted, she has superhuman intelligence and supernatural powers. She can alter her appearance and wear her school uniform even on holidays. Yuki’s short, jagged, purplish hair doesn’t grow long, and her expressionless eyes remain fixed on Kyon’s gaze. She serves the Integrated Data Sentient Entity and possesses incredible abilities like data manipulation, time freezing, and even erasing people.