4n Hair Color – The Perfect hair Color For Blondes and Brunettes

No PPD and minimal ammonia content. They are packed with nourishing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, and botanicals to protect and nourish hair while coloring, providing rich yet fade-resistant results with easy management. To avoid adverse reactions, please perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before any color treatment session.

Medium Brown

Medium brown is an evergreen classic for hair color trends and an ideal shade for anyone seeking dimension without going too dark. This hue complements warm and cool skin tones beautifully and can work with any style or texture of hair – from homecoming queen-ready blonde highlights for added drama to long bobs that give a timeless bridal vibe.

This demi-permanent liquid hair dye fuses with your locks, providing fade-resistant and true-to-tone results with exceptional gray coverage. Additionally, its radiant shine leaves hair feeling healthy and moisturized. Wella 4N hair Color can help you achieve soft, natural-looking hues. For optimal results, apply to pre-lightened hair and allow to process for 30 minutes; to enhance vibrancy, add another coat for 45 minutes – then, seal off your look with Wella Color Charm 4N Conditioner Strength and Conditioner!

Light Neutral Brown

Light browns complement almost all skin tones, whether warm or cool undertones are present. A soft neutral brown with red undertones works exceptionally well on olive complexions. In contrast, creamy caramel shades work well for light to medium skin tones and can look incredibly flattering when highlighted with golden or buttery highlights for blondes.

Rich honey ombre is another stunning way to showcase light neutral brown hair. This natural-looking color style works exceptionally well on wavy locks, adding depth without looking too dark. A balayage technique is an effective way to lighten your brunette locks naturally and subtly. By creating an organic blend of lighter hues that complement each other, this natural-looking method will enhance your natural glow and bring out its full beauty.

Dark Neutral Brown

If you’re still not quite ready for black hair, a dark brown shade like this is an ideal compromise. Thanks to its neutral undertones and dimension-rich brunette options like toast caramel highlights throughout, this hue makes a natural-looking alternative that won’t overwhelm you.

Warm shades like mahogany brown can look gorgeous when worn against cool skin tones, particularly golden complexions. Reddish or purplish hues should be avoided if your face contains blue, green, or purple undertones; such hues will only make your complexion appear sallower. Instead, ask your stylist to provide you with a mahogany shade with subtle caramel or blonde highlights, as this demi-permanent hair dye covers grays perfectly at home and works great when used alone at home – you can purchase one on Amazon!

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color is an exquisite shade that complements all skin tones, especially olive skin tones and those with green or brown eyes. Additionally, this shade works wonderfully for dark brown to black hair color – and can even be achieved easily on brunettes using a simple brown dye treatment!

Dark tones reflect light more efficiently than lighter hues, creating an eye-catching shine and making your mane appear fuller and fuller. No matter the shade of brown you want to achieve, there’s sure to be something perfect. Try Herbatint Permanent hair Color Gel in N-4 for rich yet natural-looking cocoa-scented hair coloring that’s gentle and odor-free; enjoy shade without worry with this safe solution. To increase shine even further, use Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter