Anime Characters With Green Hair

Green hair is not often seen among anime characters, making them easy to recognize when they sport it. Here are some of the most iconic green-haired characters ever featured in an animated show or film.

Code Geass’ tsundere genius

Code Geass’ tsundere genius isn’t one to mess with; her green curls and emerald eyes make for quite an eye-catcher.

Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss, the protagonist in Hunter X Hunter, often needs to receive the recognition he deserves and may even be considered overrated by some viewers. Gon isque character worthy of all the praise he receives.

Gon is an adventurous young boy with aspirations of becoming an acclaimed hunter. He holds onto an image of his late father and remains cheerful, never showing any negative traits to others around him. Gon inspires all his friends to reach their fullest potential and pushes them towards greatness. He’s one of the most beloved characters in anime, as his presence makes an immediate connection. He remains mighty even at an advanced age – an incredible hero doing his part to protect innocent lives from danger while simultaneously fighting evil forces. Additionally, his green locks stand out like no other!


Erin is the protagonist in this beautiful adaptation of Nahoko Uehashi’s novel series. An attentive girl with solid conviction, Erin explores themes related to human-nature interactions and mother-daughter bonds throughout her story arc.

Erin, aged 10, lives in a village and has been charged with raising Touda Royal Beasts as war animals in her Grand Duke of her country. With help from Soyon, Erin learns much about these beasts and their natural environment. She’s an intelligent girl who genuinely cares for people and creatures alike, making her character development one of the show’s hallmarks. Additionally, she befriends Lilan, who personifies warmth regarding animal-human relationships – the two make an excellent duo!


Watanuki can either be highly irritating or an excellent leading character, depending on the episode. He’s usually found complaining or yelling at Domeki and appears naive about how things work around him, but he does try his best to help customers when asked. Furthermore, he is an exceptional cook capable of drawing in customers quickly while being an adept magnet for youkai (Japanese god of charm).

Yuuko and Mokona enjoy teasing him about his supernatural gift of seeing spirits, so when she dies, she agrees to work at her shop in exchange for them not being visible anymore. While he detests his abilities, he still makes customers happy as best he can, while his overdramatic reactions provide the perfect comic relief. After Yuko passed on, he took over her shop but refused to leave until he found some way of reconnecting with Yuko again.


Tastumaki’s character exudes confidence and strength with her short, wavy locks that create an air of charm, keeping her audience on edge.

Her powerful telekinetic abilities allow her to direct objects back where they belong or even throw them far away, making her one of the most dependable heroes in One Punch Man. Maki from Jujutsu Kaisen learned this the hard way; her serene personality and remarkable fighting prowess make her a memorable anime girl with green hair who will leave you wanting more of her story.


Anime features characters of many colors, yet green hair stands out as one that stands out significantly. This unique trait is especially evident in sports anime such as Kuroko’s Basketball, whose main character sports green locks.

Midorima is an accomplished shooter for the Generation of Miracles and boasts confidence in himself and his abilities, often acting superior toward other players–even teammates–when in public settings. He sports dark green hair parted on the left that stops short of reaching his eyes, along with black-framed glasses and light green eyes. As one of the two tallest teammates on his team, he frequently bandages his hand before games to ensure no external factors can impede his shot and keeps a lucky item, such as a stuffed frog or potted cactus, on him as an assurance against anything interfering with his shooting performance.