Anime Black Hair Girls

Black is often associated with power, mystery, and the unknown. In anime, female characters with black hair tend to possess strong and mysterious traits.

Shading Techniques for Anime Drawing

To make your character’s hair realistic, shade it by identifying the light source and applying more pressure with your pencil for darker shading.

Hell Girl

One iconic black-haired anime girl is the main character from “Hell Girl.” She is recognizable by her spikey black hair and large eyes.


“Dororo” features an adorable young girl raised as a boy. Despite her appearance, she possesses the strength and skills of an immortal warrior.


Rin is a well-known character with distinct purple marks on her body and clothing. These marks hold significant meaning and are an essential part of her identity. She is assertive yet caring towards her friends.


Stephanie, also known as Spoiler, proves herself as Robin after Barbara Gordon appoints her. She looks alluring with long, choppy bangs, piercings, and dark lips.


“Aelita” features a main character who, despite her tough exterior, hides a kind soul. She is intelligent and highly regarded as a waifu.


Sango, an iconic demon slayer, is a black-haired anime girl from “Sakura.” Her masculine appearance and seductive appeal have earned her many fans.


Hishiro may seem bookish, but she possesses incredible intelligence and skills. She has a close relationship with Yukito Tsukishiro.


Yuuki is an independent, laid-back individual who is always eager to help others. She is an avid admirer of Magical Girls.


Miyuki Shiba is Tatsuya Shiba’s younger sister. She can be cruel but also relies on her brother for protection. She serves as a loyal and supportive ally.


Ayano is a main character from “K-On!” who plays guitar in the music club. She is intelligent and likable, dedicated to protecting her love interest.


Megumi is a refined and elegant joy-sama with long black hair. She displays strong determination and uses her sharp mind to identify and act on potential threats.


Red hair in anime often represents fiery tendencies, while black hair signifies reliability and steadiness. Futaba Ooki from “Amanchu” is a black-haired beauty with long locks.