Easy Formal Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you have short hair, numerous easy formal hairstyles will create an elegant appearance.

Low Small Twisted Bun

One popular option is a low, small, twisted bun at the nape of your neck; this style makes the most of face-framing bangs and backcombed locks for volume. Additionally, backcombing your locks may add texture.

Boho Styles

Boho-inspired hairstyles with accent braids offer an elegant yet carefree style, and look particularly significant on medium-length locks. To achieve this style, create side fish braids before twisting them into a low ponytail for easy styling – you could even add beach waves for added effect.

Sophisticated Low Bun

A sophisticated low bun is another ideal style to match a bohemian theme. Start by applying a smoothing product and brushing out your hair, then parting the center or deep side before gathering the rest into a neat ponytail, securing it with bobby pins for an eye-catching yet relaxed look that pairs well with nearly every dress style.

French Twist

If you have short hair and want a formal updo, try this version of the classic French twist. This sophisticated updo shows off your face and shoulders, perfect for anything from an anniversary dinner to a night out with friends!

Box Braids

Box braids are an easy, feminine way to give short hair an attractive, playful look. This style looks incredibly stunning when the two front braids feature vivid blue colors, as this will draw attention and add dimension.

Half-Up, Half-Down Look

A half-up, half-down look effectively elevates your hairstyle and highlights its best features. It can be created using braids, twists, headbands, or ribbons, making this style suitable for formal events in just a few steps!

Banana Bun

This style is the answer if you’re searching for an elegant updo that can serve both formal and casual purposes. Easy to create and stunning in any hair color – what more could you ask for?

Long Twists

Long twists are an excellent protective style to keep your locks healthy, making them ideal for formal occasions and events. Add some color with golden or silver hair cuffs for added flair!