Amish Hairstyles

Amish Men’s Haircut

Amish communities are widely known for their minimal lifestyle, which also applies to their hair designs. Men and women in Amish communities opt for simple bowl haircuts, which are easy to maintain at home. They prefer these haircuts over more elaborate styles to avoid drawing unwanted attention from outside sources. Typically, Amish men get their hair cut by family members using scissors, rarely visiting salons for this service. One popular choice among Amish men is a Dutch boy/bowl cut with bangs.

Recent Attacks and Amish People

Recently, there have been unfortunate attacks against Amish communities, often inflicted by members from within the same sect. These attacks were motivated by religious differences. One specific incident occurred in Bergholz, Ohio, where Samuel Mullet directed his followers to forcibly cut the hair and beards of other Amish individuals within their community. Such attacks have severe repercussions within the Amish community, ranging from social embarrassment to excommunication.

Amish Women’s Haircut

Amish individuals typically live simple lifestyles, and this simplicity also extends to their haircuts. Instead of going to salons, Amish individuals prefer cutting their hair with scissors. The most common style for women is a bowl cut or mushroom cut, featuring simple lines. Amish women often wear head coverings, such as a Kapp, and may also choose to wear a small white bonnet or a more prominent black cape when going out in public.

Amish Young Men’s Haircut

Amish young men usually go unnoticed individually, but when several gather, they can make quite an impression. They typically sport short, symmetrical haircuts called bowl cuts while keeping their whiskers well-trimmed and close to their faces. Like adult men, young Amish men have their hair cut by family members using scissors and regularly oil their hair to keep it in good shape.

Amish Young Women’s Haircut

Amish communities are known for leading simple lives, and this simplicity also extends to hairstyles. While adults usually keep their hair long, children often receive bowl or mushroom cuts, commonly known as bangs. This haircut allows women to pin up their hair underneath a white or black head covering called a kapp, typically worn during church services or public events. They may also opt for a small white bonnet or a more prominent black cape when going out in town.

Beards play a significant role in the Amish community, with men expected to grow full beards reaching their chest as a sign of manhood and commitment to family and God. Breaking this rule can lead to severe punishment or excommunication from church authorities.