Shota Aizawa hair Up

Shota Aizawa possesses excellent skills when it comes to capturing villains. He uses his scarf to bind enemies and prevent movement; additionally, he has an inbuilt passive Quirk that keeps his hair out of his eyes.

Aizawa’s Class 1-A Behavior

Class 1-A students were taken aback when Aizawa nodded along during L/N-sensei’s lectures, before quickly picking up his food tray and leaning forward with an amused smile. He has a Quirk that enables him to instantly defuse other people’s strange quirks with a look, providing a great defense against the League of Villains.

Aizawa’s Telekinetic Abilities

Deku is blessed with powerful telekinetic abilities; Aizawa only possesses minor ones; however, he still uses them effectively by levitating small objects he needs and manipulating DNA remotely – making him an effective deterrent against villains. He stands out with his jet-black hair standing upright when activating his Quirk, giving him a distinctive appearance.

Aizawa’s Preference for Concealing Abilities

Rather than show off his unique power to give the League of Villains an unfair edge, Aizawa prefers that people assume his Eraser Quirk is his unique ability, as he is an introvert, after all! He wears a man bun to appear more masculine, enhancing his adorable personality!

Aizawa’s Scarf and its Abilities

Aizawa wears a scarf with the unique ability to grab opponents by their clothes, making it even more devastating in battle. Additionally, its short-range telekinesis allows him to move objects around him more forcefully. However, overusing it may blur his vision and drain his aura, so he tends to favor Burn – Yang Xiao Long’s Semblance instead.