Afro Hairstyles For Women

Afro hairstyles for women are fashionable and easy to style. These beautiful styles add flair and look fantastic for any season or event. To achieve a big afro, use humidity-fighting products to combat shrinkage. Brush out your curls before styling for maximum volume and a lighter texture.

Half-Up Half-Down

Try a half-up braid if you want a half-up hairstyle without committing to a full updo. This cute style works well with both casual outfits and formal ensembles. Apply a dime-sized amount of texturizing paste through your strands. Gather the top half of your hair into a pigtail and backcomb it for extra volume. Secure it with a clear hair elastic. Finish the look with a patterned scarf and flexible hold hairspray for added hold. This style is also perfect for showcasing bangs, as long as they don’t cover your forehead.

Fluffy Curls

For medium-length hair, cascades of curled coils will look beautiful. These curls add visual density, frame the face, and make hair color stand out more. Pixie cuts are an excellent option for those with small, curly hair who want a feminine and sleek look. They help tame excess fluffiness and create an overall feminine image, wildly when styled with torn bangs. Braids or fringe can be added to personalize the top portion of this hairstyle, while the remaining strands can be swept back for a low-maintenance style.

Big Curls

If you love bold curls, this style is perfect for you. Whether you want glossy finishes or a formal look with slicked-back curls, let your coils cool before combing or separating them for best results. This long, curly hairstyle features an eye-catching side part emphasizing natural texture and volume. Start by getting medium layers cut to give your curls structure. Then, use moisturizing products to add moisture and polish to your hair. Add eyeliner for a vintage touch.

Voluminous Curls

Display your volumetric curls with this eye-catching style that adds an edge. An asymmetrical blonde pixie bob with a center part beautifully frames the face and works well on naturally curly locks. A light balayage adds a soft shine to enhance the volumetric crown. To achieve this look, comb out your strands and apply styling cream or texturizing product. Finish with a smoothing spray for frizz control. This versatile style can be worn casually or dressed up for special events.

Thick Curls

Curls can epitomize femininity when styled to frame the face and create a sexy look. This classic look is perfect for low-maintenance yet elegant hair care routines. Maintain healthy and vibrant curls by shampooing only once or twice weekly and using conditioning products. Regular trimming helps prevent frizz and dryness. Long chocolate curls create a feminine and romantic aesthetic. Pair this style with light purple lips and blush for a wholly feminine yet sensual ensemble.

Side Part

Deep side parts are making a comeback and are perfect for any hair length or style. They add an edge and personality to any look. Deep side parts not only provide face-framing benefits, but also even out any imbalances and build volume on top. This easy hairstyle looks excellent with feminine clothing and can be achieved by combing and swiping. Try an asymmetrical lob with blunt lines on one side and slanted edges on the other for a bolder look.