Afro Hairstyles For Women

Afro hairstyles can be an expressive way of showing your individuality while having fun with natural curls. From braids and updos, all styles look gorgeous while protecting from heat and humidity. These fashionable Afro hairstyles for women will undoubtedly set you apart in any crowd! All it takes is creativity and the appropriate products to keep your locks healthy and stunningly beautiful!

Asymmetrical Afro

If you want to go bold with your afro, request that your stylist create an asymmetrical cut. Either your hair can appear longer on one side than another, or a deep side part can give the appearance of another shape. To keep this asymmetrical cut sleek, use Matrix Style Link Over Achiever 3-In-1 Cream Paste Wax, which spreads like cream but textures like paste while holding like wax. Asymmetrical haircuts don’t just work for straight locks – they also look great with natural and relaxed styles! Display the volume in your locks with this cute asymmetrical pixie cut featuring side-swept cowlick and caramel highlights for added drama!

Deep Side Part

This chunky style is an excellent way to give an afro an extra pop, thanks to the deep side part that begins further to the left than your natural parting and provides dramatic extra volume. Start by starting with clean, damp hair that has been applied with a volumizing styling oil such as Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, then comb out and tuck behind your ear before fluffing the sections using either a fro pick or your fingers to create the mohawk effect. Complete the look by pairing this style with jeans or dresses to elevate your look!

Upswept Afro

An upswept afro is an effective way to define your curls and show off your face. It is a classic style that seems like it could be morero and suits virtually every occasion! This style looks gorgeous on any black woman, and it is an effective way to protect hair from extreme heat exposure while making an afro more manageable! Plus, it makes any other curls more manageable and softer! In the 1970s, afro-textured hair became a powerful symbol of freedom and black pride, reflecting resistance against white beauty standards and solidarity among Black communities. Angela Davis popularized an upswept afro as a fashionable style.

Twisted Afro

Twisted hair looks stunning no matter your look – from actress Kerry Washington’s royal elegance to boho styles like braid cuffs. Plus, this protective style can last months at a time! Flat twists can be styled into stunning updos for special events, creating jaw-dropping styles perfect for medium or long-textured locks. This look works wonders on medium to long-length textured waves alike! Senegalese twists, Marley twists, and Havana twists are among the many twisted hairstyles available, requiring synthetic Kanekalon extensions for each style to achieve. Not only can this protect natural strands from daily manipulation, but it can also stimulate faster hair growth by simulating cuticle movement in each strand of your natural locks.

Afro Puffs

Afro puffs are an effective way to show off the texture and style of your hair. Add different hues for bold looks or subtler ones for an understated appearance. This adorable and easy afro puff style is ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with their hairstyle. This effortless style allows for creative freedom; add embellishments like flower crowns or hair rings for extra chic. To achieve the look, first wash and detangle your hair. Next, use taming hair jam on your locks’ roots and upper part to give them that sleek finish.

Mohawk Afro

Mohawk braid styles are great ways for black women who desire an added bit of edge in their look to add something special. From box fades and tapered mohawks to geometric lines at the top and bubble-textured puffs – the geometric lines and bubble-textured puffs combine into an eye-catching hairstyle! Add a pop of color to this striking mohawk hairstyle by including red mini braids for an eye-catching effect, making this style suitable for prom night or any special event. Get Teyonah Parris’ stunning twisted mohawk for an eye-catching and iconic style! She uses pomade to tame her sides while fluffing her curls for this striking style that will turn heads! It’s sure to turn heads!