Afro Haircuts For Women

Try this beautiful style. If you’re bored of wearing your typical curly afro and looking to switch things up, try! It looks feminine yet beautiful while being easy to maintain.

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up, and half-down hairstyles are an elegant looks suitable for any special occasion, from relaxed weekend trips to formal events. To add an air of romance, add long locks of hair around your face so they soften features and bring attention to beautiful makeup. If your hair is shorter, try pulling it back into a chic bubble ponytail for an attractive feminine look that can be accessorized with floral accessories. An elegant way to style your hair for formal events such as weddings is to tease only the top section, leaving the rest loosely. This look creates a chic, sophisticated appearance.

Fluffy Afro

Style your natural hair into a fluffy afro for an eye-catching, classic style that makes an impressionful statement. Perfect for women choosing not to use chemical straighteners and embracing their curly locks, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie volumizing product will help your locks remain full all day! Tip: For an effortless afro style in the heat and humidity of summer months, use humidity-fighting products like TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray to protect your strands from shrinkage.

Messy Afro

Messy afros can look as sharp and cool as any haircut, wildly in braided styles for added elegance. A tiny weeny afro can be styled into various peaks or even flipped into a mohawk for added drama in their hairstyle. This style makes an excellent way to add character and excitement to any manner! An afro with a skin-close fade makes for an eye-catching combination, particularly with facial hair and other accessories for an outgoing aesthetic. However, it would help if you avoided over-manipulation of your afro, as too much manipulation could cause hair fall and breakage.

Volume Afro

Afros are an elegant way to showcase natural hair. As well as being a symbolic sign of Black pride and culture, they can also serve as a statement about you as an individual. Afros can be worn oversized and voluminous or small and compact, depending on personal taste – the latter often looks denser and requires less maintenance. Center parts can add depth and dimension to your afro. By evenly dispersing weight across its entirety, they simplify styling your locks, not to mention adding some pops of color for visual interest! You can try switching it up with some fun patterns or hues! Applying hair serum before styling an afro can also help to keep it defined and frizz-free throughout the day, which is essential as afro hair tends to dry out quickly.

Short Afro Curly

Blond Afros With Long Fringes can add style to short, natural hair. Try this look if you are sick of your regular black haircut and desire something fresh and trendy that flatters your facial structure. Blond colors will enhance the design and volume of your curls, giving them more definition and making them appear sculpted. If that color is too overwhelming for you to handle, try opting for light brown instead. If you have curly afro hair, bantu knots offer a stylish take on the faux fro-hawk look. Part conditioned locks into sections and twists two strands into Bantu knots.

Burgundy Afro Curly

Burgundy can be an exciting color to experiment with when styling natural hair, especially on natural locks. Use it to emphasize your curls or highlight them. She used braided and twists with burgundy ends in this style – sure to draw eyes! For something truly original and eye-catching. If you’re bored of wearing an unadorned afro, try adding designs for fun! It looks fantastic on women of all ages. If you prefer short hair, don’t give up style by going fast with it – an afro style has plenty of volume and is easy to style!

Brazilian Afro

As Black American cultural and political movements such as black power and black soul spread into Brazil in the 1970s, men with natural afro hair began taking cues from American hair trends, particularly Jheri curls. Many proudly displayed their Afros. Hair plays an essential part in asserting ethnic identity and dispelling stereotypes portraying blackness as beautiful and unsightly. Thus, it should be no surprise that Black Brazilian women increasingly embrace their Afros. Crespos e Cachos (“frizz and curls”) by Cipriane Santana on Facebook encourages Brazilian women to ditch chemical relaxers and use natural hair styles instead.