How to Style a Stacked Haircut

Stack haircuts are perfect for showing off vibrant red locks. Their round form frames the face while showing off gorgeous locks on both sides of your head.

Start off your stacked bob style by:

– Using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner

– Applying an anti-frizz hair serum to each strand of your locks

Short Angled Stacked Bob

An angled stacked bob is an adorable short haircut that offers flattering height on top and can work for almost every face shape, especially with fringe bangs added.

– Add soft pink or neutral blonde highlights for added appeal.

Finger Coils for Afro-Textured Hair

Finger coils are an effortless style to showcase the natural texture of afro-textured hair.

– Add leave-in conditioner to help your curls bounce and hold their shape.

Medium Haircut with Side Bangs

If you’re ready to try something different than your pixie or buzz cut, opt for a medium haircut – which falls between bob and lob and should suit any facial structure.

– Side bangs can add balance and frame both the forehead and jawline.

– Add volume by either air drying naturally or applying a lightweight texturizing spray.

Long Haircut with Multiple Layers

If you’re feeling brave, try going for a long haircut with multiple layers that hit the bottom of your hair.

– This is a great way to add volume without dramatic texture or length changes.

– Consider lighter highlights or ombre hair colors for a gorgeous look.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical styles look fabulous on all lengths of hair, including long.

– This stacked bob with charming pixie layers can be styled messy or sleeked back for an instant bedhead effect.

– Regular trims are essential to keep the style balanced and prevent it from turning into a mullet.

– Angle the front strands for added face-framing effects.

Textured Spiky Buzz Cut

Texturing your haircut can add depth to any spiky buzz-cut style.

– Adding uneven tufts of hair adds personality, and use a pomade to help your locks keep their shape.

– Understand the differences between layering and texturizing for different hair lengths and styles.

Wavy Layered Bob

If you have thick wavy hair, layering is an ideal way to achieve airy and effortless texture while eliminating excess bulk.

– Try a layered angled bob with choppy layers for a chic look.

– Balayage highlights can add a sun-kissed glow to medium-length wavy hair.

– Consider a side-parted layered bob with wavy bangs for a beautiful face-framing style.

– Upgrade your inverted bob with bold baby bangs and wavy texture for a hybrid style that combines low-maintenance pixie cuts with longer-length bobs.