Men’s Afro Haircut Styles:


Ask your barber for a flat-top fade haircut if you want a short yet curly afro. This style will highlight your curly top knot and help boost your self-esteem even without enough length for an all-out afro. If your afro is chin-length, try this style to highlight your face and neckline. The angled bob will frame your features beautifully while drawing attention to your eyes – making this ideal for formal events or date nights! This wavy afro is the ideal blend of tame and wild, with the deep side part creating cute asymmetry, while copper highlights bring out your natural hair color. To maintain the style, apply water and hair gel each morning before protecting your strands with a silk bonnet or satin pillowcase to preserve its natural oils overnight.


If your hair is longer than average, you have endless opportunities for experimentation with an afro style, from adding a fade for a sophisticated look, to going full afro with side fringe and fullness. This style will turn heads everywhere you go with friends. Twist out Afro: Another Great Option This style shows off your curls but is less dramatic than a full fro. Perfect for casual wear or dressing up for special events with your girlfriends, this look gives a distinctive and stylish look. Add a temple fade to your afro style for added structure and an eye-catching finish. This look works with any afro, especially curly locks, but is incredibly successful when using gel to keep hair in place and prevent frizzing throughout the day.


Consider showing off your afro with a high haircut if your afro is longer. A box fade, line up, or temp fade is ideal as they contour your hairline while adding an elegant finish to your style. Or gather up those coils into a top knot, man bun, or ponytail for more formal settings. Another striking style is the Juice Box fade haircut, featuring a tricky part and subtle length variation. Perfect for black men with thick, curly locks. A pompadour is a stylish, low-maintenance style that complements all afros. To maintain this style without needing too much texturizing paste, the look works particularly well when worn on hair slightly longer than chin-length, and makes an attractive option for men who sport beards.


If you want your afro to remain tidy and sleek, consider styling it with a low hairline. This style gives your face more definition, making the type suitable for most men with short to medium-length afros. Red hair men’s styles also stand out against this backdrop; consider coloring it red for added contrast! When dyeing it yourself, use humidity-fighting products and moisturizers to minimize humidity-related problems during dyeing sessions. Even if your afro is very curly and long, you can still rock a neat style by asking your barber to taper the sides or create a line-up with a fade. This hairstyle is ideal for older men looking to keep their afro tidy and neat. Afro hairstyles are timeless and ageless; any age and gender can enjoy them! Add color for added flair or prevent frizz by using humidity-fighting products and investing in an effective hair care regimen tailored specifically for your texture.