African Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids: a stylish way to showcase the texture of your hair, versatile enough to be styled as ponytails, and ideal for the workplace. However, ponytails can strain your scalp.

Side Braids

Cornrows: an elegant, low-maintenance protective style suitable for any hair type. They can be worn in various ways, including asymmetrical styles to modernize the classic look and show-off earrings. Braided hairstyles have cultural significance and remain relevant today.

Four Cornrows

Cornrows are an elegant protective style that can be worn in many ways, promoting healthy scalp conditions and hair growth. Large jumbo cornrows with gold cuffs create a glamorous appearance, while asymmetrical cornrows with beads add a distinctive look. Invisible cornrows and box base twists allow for easy styling into a high, sleek braid ponytail.

Geometric Cornrows

Cornrow braids: eye-catching and expressive, adding flair to any look. Mixing styles like thick Ghana cornrows and thin side braids together creates a bold hairstyle. Statement braids wrapping around the head form a halo effect suitable for various occasions. Cornrows have a rich history of symbolism and communication.

Colorful Extensions

Cornrows: complemented with vibrant color braiding hair extensions for added visibility. This hairstyle elevates your braiding game with drama and texture. Senegalese twists and a high, sleek braid ponytail offer elegance and sophistication. A small pigtail bun is a quick and beautiful alternative for those not ready for long braids.