Korean Hairstyle Men

An effortless mushroom cut with a deep side part and taper length on the back and sides is ideal for men who seek low-maintenance styles that exude masculinity. A bit of volumizing mousse or pomade will do just fine to style this swooping cut. This Korean men’s hairstyle features a casual, messy texture that visually lengthens the face. Complete the look by pairing it with an eye-catching beard for an edgy finish.

Long Hair

Men with chin-length or shoulder-length hair can add a stylish edge to their look by clipping or buzzing it into an undercut and then gathering the top half into a sleek backman bun. It is an effortless style perfect for both formal and casual events alike. Popular among K-Pop superstars such as V from BTS, the mullet adds an irresistibly romantic air to any look. Combine it with a faded haircut for a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic. A casual look that works well with long fringe hairstyles, curtains, bowl cuts, and shaggy tops is messy hair for men with a side part accentuated with light products such as lightweight gel or pomade. Use lightweight products to complete this fun look that works well for long fringe hairstyles, curtains, bowl cuts, and shaggy tops.

Short Hair

Korean men often opt for two-block cuts with bangs as an elegant yet contemporary haircut style. This look features shorter sides and back hair trimmed, juxtaposed against longer hair on top for an eye-catching disconnected appearance that KPop idols such as BTS, TXT, Stray Kids, and Monsta-X favor. Guys with short hair can also benefit from the dapper look offered by a comb-over fade. This elegant cut creates an understated, professional aesthetic for office or casual occasions. Ask your barber to add high, mid, or low taper fades along the sides and back for this sophisticated hairstyle.

Messy Volume

Men with naturally thick locks should try the messy volume hairstyle – it involves leaving some strands loose while using texturizing spray or wax to create a tousled appearance. It is ideal for casual office environments and evening events with friends. A style that requires some confidence to pull off is the modern mullet. Popular among idols like EXO’s Baekhyun and NCT’s Taeyong, it can turn heads at gym classes or out on dates.

Side Part

Punk-style hair will add an edge to your style! Create this punk look for medium-length hair by creating a high fade around the nape and crown, then comb down the top towards either side for maximum impact. Finish this style with some hair products to maintain and prevent it from falling flat! A classic and sophisticated look, this style can be worn both professionally and casually. Wear with or without a beard to complete the dapper or rugged appearance desired.

Mushroom Cut

The mushroom cut for men may be ideal if you want an easy-care, low-maintenance look. Featuring fades or taper fades on the back and sides with longer hair on top that can be styled in various ways – from natural waves to straight-out-of-the-salon styles – light hair wax or clay should help to maintain this style for extended wearability. Korean men often opt for the two-block haircut, which combines short sides and back hair with longer top locks, creating a unique disconnective style.

Straight Hair

Men with straight hair can achieve an elegant style through various short haircuts. Consider a low comb-over fade, high skin fade, or curtain fringe with tapered sides as masculine yet versatile styles that can be brushed back or swept to either side easily – using light pomade will keep it all in place! Slicked-back hairstyles are another trendy Korean hair trend that works particularly well with thick straight locks. Brush your locks back using an aggressive pomade or wax product for an eye-catching, seductive appearance.