African American Haircut Styles

African-American haircut styles are distinctively fashionable and extremely versatile. Generally, shorter than traditional black hairstyles, African American cuts combine tightly curled natural curls with clean fades on the sides and back for an eye-catching style perfect for men who wish to keep their locks short while still showing their natural texture. This look makes an impressive impression wherever they go!

Long Frizzy Curls

A small afro is an iconic, timeless hairstyle for black men. Easy to style and requires little upkeep, you can add texture by using some wax or pomade. Long ringlets are an eye-catching, feminine choice for black women. This style can be worn wavy or straight; just be sure to condition them regularly with moisture-rich shampoo to maintain them!

High Trim Pixie Haircut

Try a modern afro look with this high-trim pixie haircut for black women. This unique style features a shaved design on the sides and front of the head, with curly locks at the top for added texture. Perfect for busy black ladies looking for sleek style on the go! It pairs nicely with low-skin fade and line-up haircuts on men, providing low-maintenance solutions that can even include full beard or mustache growth!

High Top

High tops are an evergreen black hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Boasting short curls on top and sides cut short for a timeless style that works well whether or not facial hair is present; high tops remain stylish no matter the season. This haircut for black men is ideal for those seeking an understated and elegant style. Its long, textured top adds volume and height while the skin fades on the sides, creating a distinct contrast. Further, enhance your appearance by adding an undercut design or hard part to your undercut!

Rejoining Natural Kinky Locks

Rejoining your natural kinky locks is a fantastic way to show off your personality and style. This haircut for black men features closely cropped sides with a tapering lengthened top, usually styled into an unruly and tousled texture on top. Regular maintenance with a strong comb game is required to maintain this signature style; additionally, it’s great for guys with finer textures, such as fine textured hair.

Side-Panel Long Hair

Christie Brinkley wears her long blonde locks in an innovative side panel hairstyle that falls over the top into waves and curls that frame one side of her face. This takes an unconventional approach to traditional side-parted styles for black women, making her stand out among her peers while showing off her abundant locks.

Taper Fade Haircut

Men can benefit from a taper fade haircut as an effortless, low-maintenance style that exudes professionalism in any setting. Furthermore, this look pairs nicely with short sponge afro hairstyles for more casual African hairstyles that still look chic.

Rose Beige Ringlets

Curly hairstyles for black girls can be both exciting and unique. To achieve a classic look, try opting for a side-parted bob with loose coils behind your ear; this creates shape while emphasizing cheekbones. To maintain healthy and manageable curls, moisturize hair regularly and use products tailored specifically towards black hair.

Wavy Bobs

Wavy bobs can also make an elegant statement when worn by black women. A more casual option, wavy styles offer plenty of styling potential when accessorized correctly. To keep strands untangled, use a detangler, and don’t forget a heat protectant when styling!

Burgundy hair Dye

If you want to experiment with your style, why not burgundy your hair? This deep wine hue can bring out any reddish tones in your complexion. Plus, this bold statement will complement any face shape! If you are nervous about being too bold at once, start off slowly by going lighter before gradually building to darker tones.