How to Style Adele’s Blonde Hair

Adele’s Hair Evolution

In 2008, Adele gained attention for her beautiful red locks. She embraced more modern elements like low buns and deep side parts as time passed. She has also experimented with different blonde hair looks, ranging from a vintage bob to long golden curls.

Original Style: Red Hair

When Adele attended the Nationwide Mercury Prize event in 2008, her hair was full, voluminous, and had a dusty Springfield-like style. By 2011, she lightened her hair to a lovely honey tone that complemented her complexion.

2016 Grammy Awards

At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Adele showcased a modern take on the beehive trend with a side parting and subtle balayage. She later sported a fresh-cut bob that framed her smoky-eye look. Her iconic fluffed-up blowout, seen at appearances like her TikTok debut and tour date announcement, has become a trend of its own.

Curly Hair

Adele typically styles her long, gorgeous locks into a loose updo. She often dyes the front bits red, adding an adorable touch. She has also experimented with ombre highlights and copper hues, complementing her warm complexion.

Versatile Beauty Looks

Adele’s beautiful looks are always on point. From 60s-inspired glamour to modern Hollywood-inspired styles, she never fails to impress. Her blonde locks, smoky eyes, and vibrant lipstick hues make an eye-catching combination. Adele’s looks have inspired many beauty trends and continue to do so.

Long Hair

Adele’s long blonde locks exude red carpet glamour. She and her team create distinct looks for her Las Vegas residency performances, such as an elegant teased crown and a slicked-down center part. This contemporary style adds a modern twist to classic red carpet looks.

The Fluffy hair Trend

The so-called “fluffy hair trend,” also known as a big blowout with soft blended contrasts, is popular among Gen Zs. Adele’s long and thick locks perfectly suit this style, providing voluminous, effortlessly glamorous looks.

Return to the Signature Bob

Although she briefly experimented with other styles, Adele has returned to her signature shoulder-grazing bob. This cut highlights her angular features and has a subtle hue change – she now sports caramel toffee blond instead of bleachy blonde hues.