Men’s Fade Haircut Lengths

Men have many fade haircut lengths when selecting their fade hairstyle. From bold styles like the undercut or an off-center parting to more subdued versions with texture comb-overs, a fade can help highlight facial features and enhance personality.

Bald Fade

Bald fade haircuts are ideal for men with textured hair as they create a strong contrast and an edge. This style of fade cuts close to the skin while leaving some length at the top for effortless style. Add an edge to your bald fade cut with bold shaved designs such as lines or swirls for a bold statement that showcases individual style. A bald fade pairs well with a side part.

Skin Fade

The skin fade haircut is ideal for men who want to show off their skin. This style typically starts very short on the sides and back of the head before gradually transitioning into longer locks on top. Skin fades are one of the boldest fade cuts and work well with short and long hairstyles.

Burst Fade

The burst fade is an attractive and versatile hairstyle that’s simple to maintain. It can be paired with various trends such as faux hawk, blowout, or brush-up styles. A tricky part or lineup adds an eye-catching flair to this versatile cut. Low burst fades are ideal for giving any hair length an effortless style, while high shot fades work well for men with round, square, or heart-shaped faces.

High Fade

High-fade haircuts provide increased contrast between the hairline and other styles. They allow for plenty of length, enabling you to experiment with various types. High fades are great for crew, Ivy League, or crop haircuts.

Low Fade

Fade haircuts have seen tremendous popularity over recent years. The height of a fade should be determined before going into a barber’s chair, as different fade heights work better with certain hairstyles and facial structures. Low fades give a clean and professional appearance and are an excellent option for people with long, flowing locks or thick, curly hair.