Top 5 90s Inspired Hairstyles

1. High Ponytails with Cute Scrunchies

A classic 90s look, high ponytails are back in style. Style them with cute scrunchies for an adorable finish. Add ribbon or printed scrunchies for an elegant, feminine touch.

2. Short Angled Bob with Face-Framing Fringe

The short angled bob, a popular 90s trend, is still relevant today. It can be styled with a face-framing fringe and accessorized with colored hair pins for a versatile and trendy look.

3. Banded Pigtails for a Playful Look

Pigtails were iconic in the 90s and are still going strong today. They add a playful touch to your appearance and are a great way to show your girl power. Try securing them with colorful bobby pins for added style.

4. Teased Ponytails for Volume and Seduction

Teased ponytails are returning from the 90s and are now a sought-after hairstyle. They are similar to high ponytails but more voluminous. You can wear them with a scrunchie or clip for a more seductive effect.

5. Tendril Look with Face-Framing Hair

The tendril look was popular in the 90s and still looks impressive today. This hairstyle involves weaving together strands of face-framing hair with various textures, creating face-framing tendrils. It looks fantastic on any hair type.

These 90s hairstyles are back on trend and can give your look a flirty and girly edge, helping you feel beautiful and confident.