90s inspired hairstyles

The classic ’90s style is back in a big way. You can’t go wrong with a high pigtail. These styles were popular during the FRIENDS era, and they are still a hit today. To get a similar look, start with a low ponytail, then work your way up. Try using a hair scrunchie or a clip-in bangs.

Inspire yourself with a nineties style. Beverley Hills 90s star Beth Harmon has hair that’s reminiscent of the decade’s spikiest stars. A messy bob and a bunch of bobby pins were a popular 90s style. Whether you’ve always dreamed of having voluminous locks or a layered, flipped-out look, you can achieve this look with a bit of research.

A 90s inspired style is one that combines both a pixie cut and feathered bangs. Both are popular styles from the ’90s. These styles are best achieved with scrunchies and hairspray. To create this look, you should brush that and use hairspray to help your tresses stay high. For a modern twist, try pairing a scrunchie with a simple braid.