Adding Mauve Hair Color Highlights

If you need clarification on whether pink hair color suits you, add mauve highlights instead. This soft but eye-catching touch adds just enough pop of color while blending seamlessly with more neutral tones such as dusty rose or brown shades.

Hannah Edelman of New York City hair colorist Hannah Edelman has become well-known for creating the chocolate mauve look by combining deep brunette shades and rich pink hues in an unconventional balayage technique that results in one-of-a-kind hues.

Dusty Rose hair Color

Dusty rose hair color provides the ideal compromise between light pink and dark pink shades. This feminine and flirty hue suits women of all ages and looks stunning on one-length bobs or lobs. Its muted hue has subtle purple undertones, which help lessen its intensity compared to other pink hues.

Dusty Rose quickly became a celebrity-inspired trend after Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Elle Fanning wore it. It works wonderfully on light blonde hair as either a highlight or full head color; plus, its ashy tone blends in well with many other hues, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you prefer low-maintenance options, highlights may be best. Single-process color requires more maintenance since gloss touch-ups must occur regularly. To preserve vibrant hair color, use a nourishing glossing conditioner such as NEWSHA’s Color Masque Dusty Rose ($24), which contains keratin to strengthen and protect the surface of the cuticle.

Chocolate Brown hair Color

Chocolate brown hair color is an ageless classic that works beautifully with any style and skin tone. Highlighting it can look natural while complimenting all skin tones; darker hues like this tend to hold their color well and require minimal upkeep.

One of our favorite ways to add dimension and girliness to a chocolate brown balayage is with soft pink highlights. Perfect for those wanting a change, wavy strands look gorgeous when styled this way. Have your colorist blend the pink shade seamlessly into the chocolate base for an elegant result.

Indigo can add drama, especially on cooler complexions; Jasmine Tookes’ warm brown strands perfectly match her naturally glowing complexion while brightening her eyes with this dramatic shade.

Strawberry Blonde hair Color

Strawberry blonde is a warm take on red, featuring cool undertones that complement fair skin tones. This shade may be particularly suitable for redheads transitioning from an all-out blonde to a fiery ginger shade; they may find it too vivid or noticeable for their complexions.

Opt for champagne or coppery tints instead of starker strawberry colors for an understated strawberry blonde shade. The result will be an eye-catching multifaceted blond hue that looks equally stunning with long wavy locks as with more refined bob styles.

Maintain the vibrancy of your strawberry blonde shade between salon appointments with our Color Fresh CREATE formula using permanent pigments that fade less than traditional dyes for long-lasting color protection. Try it alongside color-protecting shampoo and conditioners like Biolage Colorlast system. Opens in a new tab for the best results.

Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose gold is an enchanting shade that complements blondes beautifully. If your client wishes to go all-out rose gold, bleaching their hair first may be necessary; otherwise, they could opt for an ombre version featuring darker roots complemented with lighter rose-tinted highlights to frame their face.

Strawberry blonde is a cool-toned version of rose gold, ideal for light strands and brunettes who still need to bleach their locks fully. Pair it with espresso money piece lowlights for an eye-catching, stylish look that flatters all skin tones.

Rose gold may last less time than other hues, so ensure your clients have access to an effective heat protectant and schedule regular touch-up appointments for a healthy, vibrant color. Also, suggest they use Kadus’ Permanent Enhancer Opens in a new tab for maximum nourishing care and beauty!