Top 10 90s Black Hairstyles

The 1990s are making a comeback in music and hairstyle trends alike, and black women such as singer Sza and social media star Yung BBQ are bringing back some of the most beloved hairstyles from that era.


Braids were an iconic style choice among Black girls during the 90s. Made popular by Janet Jackson, straight box braids are an easy way to add flair and individualism to your look.

Pixie Cut

If you want an adorable yet fashionable 90s black hairstyle, opt for the pixie cut. Perfect for women of all face shapes and effortlessly stylish, it makes an excellent statement about necklines and facial features.

Rachel Green Hairdo

Those of you who grew up watching Friends during the 90s likely remember Rachel Green rocking her iconic flippy layered bob. It became an icon of its time, as Kourtney Kardashian recently revived this look to show that it remains chic today.

Long Ponytail

Long ponytails with either low or high buns are an iconic black ’90s hairstyle, as they work well across different facial structures. Erykah Badu made this style her signature during the ’90s, making an impressionful fashion statement while showing off her incredible afro.