90 Hairstyles That Make Women Feel Pretty and Punk

From Winona Ryder’s pixie cut to Drew Barrymore’s flower accessories, there is something about ’90s hairstyles that makes women feel both pretty and punk – here are our favorite ’90s styles you can add to your look immediately.

From Bella Hadid’s Signature ‘The Rachel’ Hairdo to Mel B’s Space Buns

These iconic styles are poised for a comeback.

Long Olsen Sister’s Bob

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have become fashion icons over three decades, embodying almost every fashion trend that has graced American society. The identical twin sisters have perfected their styles, from oversized sweaters and ruffled skirts to boho waves and caramel highlights.

Olsen’s sister, Ashley Olsen, has long favored wavy locks. Recently, she amplified this look by opting for a choppy bob with blonde highlights.

Elizabeth Olsen made her Emmy Awards red carpet debut with a brand-new hairdo at The 2021 Emmy Awards, wearing a white gown from The Row clothing line and sporting Hollywood glamour with a deep side part and 1940s-style side-swept bangs from Adir Abergel of Celebrity Hairstyling Agency (CHA). Adir Abergel used the GHD Paddle Brush to shape and dry her new bob before using their Helios Professional hair Dryer for smooth drying.

Winona Ryder’s Pixie

Winona Ryder made her iconic pixie cut famous in the ’90s, appearing in Lucas and Heathers – two films that cemented its place in our collective consciousness. Ryder’s face-framing bob is ideal for women with full eyebrows and milky complexions.

To achieve Ryder’s piecey texture, apply some pomade (Kenra Professional Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 is ideal) throughout your pixie and work it into its roots. Be careful not to over-style, as keeping things natural can avoid looking too full-blown!

Actress Keira Knightley made an unforgettable statement at the Girl Interrupted Hollywood premiere by pairing her highlighted pixie with tousled waves and smoky eyes. This rock-and-roll look exuded cool. Halsey has experimented with many looks during her career but always returns to her signature pixie cut.

Drew Barrymore’s Curled Bob

Drew Barrymore stands out with her bold and daring curls on her bob. She even incorporates flowers in her locks for that 90s vibe! Drew enjoys playing around with her hair and looks incredible wearing this style.

Add an adorable, girly 90s look with a scrunchie on your head for a cute 90s look! Mel B and Gwyneth Paltrow were known for wearing this trend during this era; many other famous beauty icons also loved this style.

Simple Long Bob

Long bobs are an iconic, universal cut that suits all face shapes and hair textures. This shoulder-length style can be styled into sophisticated looks for work and more daring ones for evening events. It can even serve as an opportunity to experiment with color through subtle ombre effects or bold dip dyeing techniques.

If you have medium hair with straight locks, give your bob some texture by adding waves or curls to the ends. This will give it an effortless soft look that is perfect for date nights. Or try a messy lob with feathered layers for an eye-catching and feminine finish; these styles pair well with any dress and can turn heads!

Simple Short Bob

An undercut adds texture and movement to a classic bob while taking it one step further by playing with proportions and providing fine strands with additional dimension and weight reduction.

This short angled bob is classic yet fashionable and works perfectly with any face shape. Plus, its honey bronde balayage looks fabulous!

One side of your bob being longer than the other creates an eye-catching asymmetrical look that frames your face and adds height to your crown, making this style particularly suitable for mature women looking to maintain fashion-forward styles.

A shaggy bob is an effortless hairstyle that creates an adorable feminine style without spending hours priming and grooming your locks. Wavy locks work best and pair exceptionally well with gray baby lights to frame the face beautifully.