Hair Trends of the 80s

In the 1980s, hair became synonymous with bigness. Teased, backcombed styles and plenty of hairspray became the trend among everyone from mall rats (teen girls known for frequenting malls) to celebrity ladies such as Gigi Hadid.

The ’80s also introduced us to the side ponytail, featuring its sleek twist and total volume. Try this style with or without bangs, for an eye-catching, noticeable style!

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles offer an exciting way to amp up their appearance and add something different. Additionally, this look works great if you prefer keeping longer locks but still want a spiky finish.

This style offers a more contemporary take on the classic pompadour look with its textured spikes atop a fade. Apply clay or wax to your hair and comb it back up into a spiked style to achieve it.

While most spiky styles require your entire head to be combed up, this one offers something a little different. Instead, its fringe twists in different directions to create an unpredictable style. Finally, to finish it all off nicely, a mid-fade is added for good measure.

Slick Straight Hair

Sleek, straight hair is an iconic style. When done right, it can look polished or glamorous depending on the products used for styling and care; smoothing serum or volumizing cream are keys to achieving this look.

This style works well on all facial structures, but is incredibly flattering on fine, straight hair, providing additional volume without excessive weight gain. To add a flattering finish, pin back the front pieces near your part with a gold barrette or clip for an even more significant effect.

This style is an excellent option for anyone who prefers not to sport a high bun but still requires something stylish for an event or special occasion. Additionally, it looks lovely on all shades of blonde hair, especially when worn as part of a blonde bob cut.

The Mullet

Hair trends come and go quickly, but few have had as much variety as the mullet has seen. Once a global phenomenon, this floppy, flowing style eventually became associated with hillbillies or cringeworthy PE teachers.

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, with his bright orange waterfall of a mullet, became the last straw that sent shockwaves through society; soon enough, it was only worn by famous people like MacGyver or Wayne Gretzky.

A modern reboot of this style has revived it and given it new life, now featuring subtle contrasts between long lengths on top and short haircuts on the sides, with only slight signs of an elongation toward the tail.

The Whale Spout Pony

Back in the 80s, loud styles were all the rage. Punks often donned distinctive styles like mohawks and side-shaved undercuts with multiple mohawks for extra pizazz; adding vibrant scrunchies added an edge that subverted mainstream fashion trends.

The mullet, a style in which layers were separated into cylindrical forms and worn back over the shoulder, was another popular option among women and men with straight hair. Back on trend thanks to shorter disconnections between its layers, this look can now be found more quietly this year.

The Whale Spout Ponytail is a fun and feminine style featuring a high ponytail with one side pulled over the other, similar to a whale’s spout. This look works best on bob-length hair. Pair it with slick back styles and hair spray for an 80s aesthetic!

Crimped Hair

Crimped hairstyles utilize the technique known as crimping to achieve wavy or sawtooth effects. Crimping irons are typically used, though other heat styling tools, such as curling irons, may also work to achieve this style.

A high crimped ponytail is an elegant mix of modernity and nostalgia, featuring tight crimping around the face offset by sleek top layers for an unforgettable statement look.

Volumized crimps first made an impactful comeback during the grunge-era 90s, with Britney Spears wearing hers down, before reappearing in more subtle forms in recent decades. This style is back in vogue in various forms – try wearing yours side-swept or adding casual texture through loose crimps scattered throughout your hair for a simple yet retro look!