80s Hairstyles For Women

The 80s saw big hair that made a statement. From permed and curled styles to sleek ponytails, many classic 80s looks have seen renewed interest today.

Volumizing Hair

’80s volume was key. This decade saw permed curls, crimped styles, and face-framing waves (think Farrah Fawcett) come to prominence. If you want to achieve that vintage ’80s vibe for yourself, try creating a blowout style which involves using both a blow dryer and hairspray for hold.

If you have long hair, try a low side braid with vintage flair by accessorizing it with fun scrunchies or brightly-colored hair ties for added vintage charm. This easy 80s hairstyle works for women of all face shapes and hair textures!

Short haired women looking for something new should try an adorable side-swept bob that can be accessorized with a vibrant scrunchie from the 1980s era. This style adds feminine charm to any ensemble!

Layered Bob

Bon Jovi and Def Leppard fans might picture women with dark, teased tresses rocking black eye makeup, fishnet tights, and gloves – not necessarily goths but all women of different hair textures can rock this look with some effort and the proper accessories.

Medium length haired individuals seeking an 80s look should try the layered bob. Feathered layers give this style a feminine aesthetic, while side-swept bangs add edge.

To achieve this look, request feathered layers at your next haircut and use texturizing spray to define and add volume to your new style. Lastly, for an enhanced effect add dramatic curls for an ultimate effect.

The Scrunchie

The 1980s were known for their love of hair accessories, especially scrunchies. From pairing one on top of a high ponytail or pulled back into a low bun to using barrettes to clip away flyaways, this quirky style accent added just the right finishing touch to any look.

If you have long, thick hair, try tying it into a high ponytail secured near your crown, then tease a small section of bangs to add volume. Add a vibrant pink scrunchie for an instantly retro look! Take it one step further by wearing a crimped or curled perm; don’t forget glamorizing this look with bold eye makeup too!

The High Pony

Crimped hair styles were a favorite among teens and tweens in the 80s and are back. Comb your long or short locks into a half ponytail and tease out the front section for volume, then pair it with bold eye makeup and an eclectic outfit to complete this look.

This feminine and flirty hairstyle was popular among young girls during the 80s. Pull a ponytail to one side, fasten it with a bow for an adorable yet cheeky look – this makes a perfect look for any day or special event, particularly when accessorized with accessories such as scrunchies or bow barrettes!

The One-Sided Fountain Pony

Teased hair creates a full and voluminous appearance that makes for an exciting rock star vibe. This 80s hairstyle for women requires regular attention but is easy to recreate.

Farrah Fawcett popularized this look and it can make your appearance both fresh and glamorous. Wear this style at work or semiformal events!