hairhair Colors With Red Undertones

No matter the color of your skin tone, there are shades of red that can complement it beautifully. To keep this vibrant shade looking its best for longer, use haircare products specifically formulated for color-treated locks – such as clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner to protect from the dulling effects of hair dyeing treatments.

Cool brown shades like chestnut, mocha, and dark auburn pair nicely with skin with yellow or golden undertones (think Katherine Heigl). Burgundy or red violet may work better for those with warm undertones.

Light Auburn

Soft auburn shades feature warm red-brown undertones that pair nicely with paler skin tones, providing a flattering natural hue for fair complexions. Pair this hue with blonde highlights for an eye-catching balayage effect – and use only products free of sulfates, such as shampoo and conditioner, to maintain vibrant hues!

A red light gradient looks natural and fresh – ideal for women seeking to update their style without making drastic changes. It pairs beautifully with medium skin tones, cascading waves, or untidy braids!

Dark Auburn

Dark brown shades look more prosperous and more vivid on women with medium to dark skin tones, while deep burgundy tones look gorgeous year-round and can complement different hairstyles beautifully. To avoid brassiness, regularly apply toner or gloss treatments.

Natural Red

Darker complexions will benefit from bold auburn or copper tones in their hair color choice, as these vibrant tones will complement a variety of lengths while adding an eye-catching pop. However, darker hues require more upkeep than lighter tones, so if this path is taken, be prepared for frequent touch-ups!

If your client has light skin tones, try suggesting natural red hues like peach cobbler or cranberry as a great compliment to all skin tones. They look as if they came straight out of their garden!

If your client prefers bolder looks, suggest fire engine red. This vibrant fashion shade looks best on medium to dark skin tones and pairs well with blue and green eye colors. Since bold fashion shades tend to fade quickly, use Nexxus Total Results Color Obsessed for extended color life.


As with Gigi Hadid’s ginger beer-inspired locks or this model’s romantic red-brown locks, warm tones will always enhance your skin tone and bring out its best features. To prolong their vibrancy and keep them looking their best for longer, invest in shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to prolong fast-fading colors.

Strawberry blondes are ideal for light complexions with peach tones, while copper strands work with all skin tones from fair to dark. If the bright orange overtones of copper are too overwhelming for you, try softening its shimmer with golden shades like golden wheat. Or experiment with rich maroon hues that bring dimension and depth without completely distancing red tones from medium and deep skin tones; maroon works wonders on brunettes looking to add some depth or natural redheads looking to take their color further without disassociating from redhead roots without leaving red behind altogether.


Mahogany hair color can add warmth and dimension to brown locks. Unlike orange-reds, which tend to lean towards the more fantastic end of the color wheel, mahogany tends to fade much more slowly than bright red shades. It is easier to maintain by switching to products formulated for color-treated locks – like Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Conditioner.

Dark mahogany hues offer an alluring option for brunettes, making this color especially suitable for medium skin tones. Famous brunette stars like Sofia Vergara, Demi Lovato, and Priyanka Chopra have worn this stunning shade!


If your natural black hue is rich and deep, try switching things up by adding red-tinged balayage on the ends to add vibrancy and youthfulness. A product like Alchemy by Davines can help maintain these rich hues between color appointments.

Beauty experts with medium skin should opt for red shades with orange undertones when selecting red-hued lipstick shades, as these will wash out their complexion and diminish its benefits. Instead, those with warm-toned complexions such as peaches or warm peaches should go for warm strawberry blonde and coppery tones; those with cool olive skin should eschew yellowish-red shades altogether.

Rich brown shades like that worn by Issa Rae of Insecure can be incredibly flattering on brunettes with cool olive skin tones, while for neutral complexions, a light honey brown could also work well.