Top 8 80s Hairstyles For Guys

In the 1980s, both men and women sported massive, voluminous locks. A popular look for many guys, including Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe, was the “business in the front, party in the back” mullet.

Teased Hair

Teased hair was another iconic 80s trend. Bangs were styled into peaks and mounds to achieve this style before using extra-strong hairspray to puff up the design.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut has always been an eye-catching hairstyle. Today, it symbolizes a sleek and modern style that works well for most people. Men with medium-length, natural-texture hair should opt for this stylish look that can be combed down for formal occasions or swept to one side for casual use. Adding feathered layers gives the haircut extra flair, making your strands fuller and voluminous while remaining versatile.

Blunt Bob

The Blunt Bob hairstyle is a throwback from yesteryear that still looks fashionable today. This look features a blunt bob cut with choppy ends for added texture and volume. Straightening or curling it can also give this style its signature sleek finish. Teased hair can add volume to a bob cut and is perfect for those who wish to further their technique. This 80s style provides the ideal way to achieve this result. Crimped waves were famous in the 80s and can be performed with a wide or small crimper. Pair it with a fringe for an eye-catching, feminine appearance.

Hi-Top Fade

80s hairstyles were all about making a statement. From teased and bouncy disco curls, mohawks, and spikes to the incredible hi-top fade style – these looks made a bold statement about individuality. The hi-top fade style features a skin fade on the sides and back, with long locks at the top that have been combed back and secured with a band. Ideal for medium hair length, this look requires minimal upkeep with gel or hair-holding spray for proper styling. This popular style, popularized by Tupac Shakur’s character in the film Juice, can help men look stylish and put-together.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail is an iconic look from yesteryear that has evolved into modern styling. Ideal for long-haired men with dense volume, adding streaked highlights can enhance its effect even further, making this style suitable for movie nights or dinner dates. Farrah Fawcett would approve of this classy 80s hairstyle. Feathered hair was famous during the 70s, and even more extreme versions became widespread during this decade. You basically have wide inconsistent bangs over your forehead with all remaining locks pulled back into a whale-spout ponytail secured with an elastic band.

Teased Hair

Farrah Fawcett made her mark as an 80s hair trends icon with her signature deep crimped bob style, featuring short back and side sections with longer layers swept to one side for an ultramodern look. Teased hair was another classic look from the 1980s. This involves teasing your locks using products to add volume. This look works particularly well if you have thin locks but want more body. The mullet was another trendy hairstyle in the 1980s, typically shortening at the back and sides and lengthening on top. She is often accompanied by bangs that sweep to one side for a classy and sophisticated appearance.


An adorable 80s style, knotting your headband around your hair adds instant charm to casual looks and can help combat long, unruly locks when time doesn’t allow you to wash them regularly. Teased bangs are making a comeback as an 80s style. Perfect for women with curly or wavy locks, this look requires strong hold hairspray to keep the cracks looking their best and teased correctly. Wild Eighties styles were all about eye-catching colors and unexpected shapes, such as the iconic mullet with wide, uneven bangs over the forehead and short, wavy locks in the back and sides.