80s Black Hairstyles – How to Make That Look Stunning Today

In the 1980s, black men began to experiment with different Hairstyles. The new hip hop movement allowed for more creative expression. Hip hop stars like Grace Jones and Will Smith sported inspired Hairstyles on album covers and in films. Black barber shops developed the fade, allowing men to express themselves more freely.

Spiky hairstyles

If you’re looking for an 80s black hairstyle that’s fresh and fun, then you’ve come to the right place. From punk to punk rock, hairstyles were wildly different and often featured alternative colors. Now these styles are making a comeback. You can get spiky Hair like Billy Idol, or go with the feathered look popular in the late 70s and early 80s. The feathered look is a look that’s best with long hair that is not too thick. This style is also very flattering on medium-length hair, and can make your face look balanced.

You can also go for the half-up, half-down look of the 80s. This Hairstyle was popular during the ’80s, and women were happy to sport this style at parties and events. This style was popularized by Patrice Rushen, and was eventually adopted by many women. Over the years, variations of this hairstyle were created, and Hair extensions and colors were added. Today, this look remains popular with many women.

Another style that is popular in the 80s was the side pony. Often worn by celebrities, this look is easy to do. Start by brushing your hair out and straightening the bangs. After that, you can tie your hair into a ponytail and add scrunchies for added volume. This look looks great on almost anyone, and is easy to pull off.

Big bangs

Big bangs are a hot style this year, but they can also be worn in the 80s. Rihanna is a good example of this ’80s hairstyle and pulls it off effortlessly. Another Hairstyle from the ’80s that’s still in style is a sleek bob. To add shine and texture to your bob, use a product like Colorwow’s Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray.

You can also try crimping to add volume. This style is softer than typical crimping. If you want to go full ’80s, you can also use hairspray to add body and shine to your ends. And don’t forget scrunchies. These will make any hairstyle look great.

The curls that dominated 80s hairstyles were typically created by curling irons. Nowadays, they’re usually created with a wider crimping iron and create looser waves. Curly bangs were also popular during the ’80s. They add volume and effortless movement. This hairstyle works well for almost any hair type.

The ’80s were a period of transition for black women’s hairstyles. During the decade of change, many African American women were chemically straightened and desired a natural beach wave look. This trend continued into the ’90s and 2000s. Today, some African-American women have returned to the natural curls.

Tight ponytails

If you’re looking for an edgy and trendy black hairstyle from the 1980s, look no further than the tight ponytail. This style was popular with African-American girls. It was easy to maintain and could be thrown up in a variety of ways.

An 80s ponytail was created by braiding a section of hair and securing it into a tight ponytail. This style was perfect for costume parties, but it also worked for an everyday look. The hair was also styled with a hair bow or braid detail. Another popular hairstyle in the 80s was the forehead headband. These days, delicate metal headbands are available that can be worn by anyone.

The half-up ponytail style is another classic 80s hairstyle. This is a great everyday look for both daytime and evening events. You can wear this hairstyle with almost any kind of outfit. It’s a great choice if you want to look trendy without going overboard.

The side ponytail was another popular style in the 80s. It was edgy, fun, and always in style. This style was a favorite among girls of all ages.


To create an 80s hairstyle, you’ll need to use a styling product that gives your locks tons of body and volume. Use a mousse with body-boosting ingredients like VO5 Big Volume Mousse. You can distribute the mousse through your damp locks and then curl or blow dry your hair to activate the product.

S-curls are a great way to get the perfect amount of volume. You can also choose looser curls if you want a puffed-up look. For a big, bushy effect, try a beehive, as this was made popular by the Supremes.

The Jheri curl is another great hairstyle to emulate from the ’80s. It was a popular style favored by many African Americans and was a favorite of Michael Jackson. This style was also worn by many teenagers. This hairstyle looks retro and works on all hair lengths.

Those who loved the 80s will remember that tease hair was a must-have beauty skill. The art of teasing hair was a key part of the 80s style and can increase your hair height by up to 6 inches. The mullet, perm, shag, and feathered cut were all great options for teased hair. To achieve this look, you will need to back comb pieces of your hair. This creates an internal cushion that lends support to the inner structure of the hairstyle.

The tapered barrel of the curling wand gives the hairstyle a unique 80s vibe and adds tons of volume to the body while giving the ends a tighter look. VO5 Invisible Firm Hold Hairspray is an excellent product that provides all-day hold and humidity protection.

Wet slicked back look

The slicked back hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions like parties, weddings, and other posh gatherings. It looks stunning on both men and women with elegant clothing. To master this hairstyle, you’ll need a strong hold hair gel or molding compound to hold the hair in place. Bumble Sumotech or IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel are great choices. You can also use bobby pins to secure your hairstyle. Also, try a good hairspray, like Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong Finish, or Living Proof Control Hairspray.

The 80s also brought about the popularity of big hair. Men and women were encouraged to have thick and shiny hair in the 80s. Those with thick hair can try a big top fade. During the 80s, hip-hop stars wore hairstyles that featured a high top fade. Men can also try adding a twist to their high-top fades. People with this hairstyle tended to be wealthy and worked in finance.

This look is an easy one to execute if you have the right styling products. If you want a dramatic look, you can use a blow dryer to create volume from the roots. Be careful not to backcomb your hair, though, as this can damage the hairstyle. If you are having trouble keeping your hair in place, try using a hair elastic or scrunchie to hold it in place. Then, spritz your hair with a little hairspray to hold the style in place.

Feathered bangs

Feathered bangs are a classic black hairstyle. They add a touch of elegance to any hairstyle and are best for people with thin, fine hair. Feathered bangs can also add a bit of volume to an otherwise flat style. This hairstyle can also work well on round faces.

Feathered bangs are a classic ’80s hairstyle. It was popular among punks and was often colored alternatively. Now, the style is back in style and comes in several colors and patterns. This hairstyle requires a lot of styling, so a little bit of product is required to keep it looking good. I use Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam, which is touchable and works great to achieve volume and fullness.

Feathered bangs can be worn as side fringe or on the side. They add texture and body to hairstyles and can make the wearer look youthful. Feathering in the fringe adds a touch of femininity to the hairstyle and can conceal a round face.

Feathered bangs became popular in the middle of the ’80s with full bodied cuts and teased hair. Women who wanted to experiment with different styles often mixed it with different textures. The style embodied the glamour and elegance of the decade. It died off at the end of the decade in favor of shorter, easier to manage hairstyles.