6-Year-Old Boy Hairstyles

The classic boy’s crew cut: An easy and versatile hairstyle that offers an effortlessly balanced appearance. It can work well with styling products like strong-hold gel or clay for extra hold and protection. Ideal for children with thick, curly locks. It features a classic bald fade on the sides and an optional long strip at the top that can be styled in different ways, including upward spikes.

Long fringe: A cute hairstyle for boys with long, natural curly locks. Fashionable and simple to maintain. Apply a styling product like pomade or wax to add texture and hold.

Simple mid taper: An effortless boy’s hairstyle that balances a long top with short sides. Perfect for texturized tops and enhanced by using pomade for definition. It can be styled into an eye-catching mohawk with a dramatic drop fade.

Baby bun with an undercut: Offers an edgy look while remaining easy to manage. The side hair is short-cropped, while longer locks in the center section are styled using pomade for a faux hawk effect.

Long side bangs: Elegant frame for any face shape. It can be kept neat with a burst fade or styled as messy locks for a contrasting look.

A long top with short hair on the sides and back is a classic and timeless style for boys with straight hair. Features a shaved fade with a more extended top section that can be styled into a faux hawk or spiked-up shape. It is ideal for a messy top hairstyle with a texturized finish.

High bald fade: Ideal for boys with thick hair. Features a skin fade blending into the top section and a hard parting for definition. It can be maintained with a matte clay.

Short Ivy League: Works well for kids with wavy or straight hair. It offers a neat and casual style, with the option of styling it back-slicked or accentuating it with a hair design.

Side swept disconnected undercut: Achieve an immaculate and stylish appearance. It can be slicked back or left messy with complex parts for an original style. Features fade haircuts on both sides and long locks on top, suitable for thick and fine locks.

French crop fade: A trendy style with a long side bang and disconnected undercut. Creates an eye-catching yet subdued appearance. It is ideal for formal occasions and can be styled with hair gel for added texture.

Short mop top: A tidy hairstyle for boys with wavy or mildly curly locks. Features a soft fade on the sides and a more extended top section styled back using strong hold gel for maximum hold.

Faux hawk: A stylish alternative to a full mohawk haircut. Tames the sides with fades while leaving messy texture at the top for added character. Easy to maintain with pomade or hair wax, it adds height and panache.