Men’s 50s Hairstyles

No matter the color or texture of your locks, a 50s style is still possible to pull off! Adding some shine and strong-hold products will complete this classic look.

Regular Haircut

Mid-20th-century America saw conservative and rebellious influences in that decade’s fashion, music, and trends. This can be seen reflected in that period’s styles, music, and directions.

Jelly Roll Pompadour

The Jelly Roll Pompadour is an alternative pompadour style with additional height at its peak, perfect for formal looks with a classic flair. This hairstyle can either be styled as an updo or left undone for more casual settings.


The greaser haircut has become a timeless style staple among men looking for casual looks. Easy to maintain and adaptable for different face shapes and hair textures, the greaser style features a prominent quiff up top with taper fade sides; Elvis Presley was often credited with this look!

Widow’s Peak

If a widow’s peak has become a prominent feature of your head, don’t try to hide it; flaunt it! This sophisticated hairstyle looks incredible on men with long, thick locks – whether they keep their locks long on top and slicked back or for shorter cuts with side-swept cuts for an older rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic.

Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League Cut is a classic men’s 50s hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. This haircut combines short sides and back, with a clean-cut top, for an eye-catching professional appearance that works perfectly with business attire.