Brad Pitt’s Long Hair Styles

Brad Pitt often wears his hair in a midlength style with its ends swept back for films and between movies. This style is easy to maintain and suits men who prefer longer locks. It features a tapered haircut with shorter sides blending into a longer top part, making it a great option for men with thinning hair.

Medium Length Hair with Comb Over

Aside from his long locks, Brad Pitt also looks great in short cuts. He has experimented with various looks, including a crew cut in the movie Ad Astra and long wavy locks in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Another style that suits Brad is medium length hair with a comb over and side part. It is an effortless style to maintain and looks attractive on anyone. You can slick your hair back for a polished and low-maintenance look, or sweep it sideways for a casual bed-head style.

Short Casual Straight

Brad Pitt can rock various hairstyles, from his slicked-back blonde mop to flowing locks. Recently, he adopted an organic-looking style with medium length locks and side partings for a natural effect. This low-maintenance style works well for men with medium to long hair. Simply comb back your hair and use some styling product for the desired effect. It complements most face shapes and can be enhanced with molding cream for added dimension. Plus, it looks great with beards!

Short Man Bun

Brad Pitt’s naturally wild hair lends itself well to the textured short man bun with a side parting. The back and sides are shaved clean, while the top has jagged cuts for a unique style. This versatile look can be styled in various ways, and adding face-framing highlights can update the look.

Flowing Locks

Brad Pitt is known for trying different hair styles, from a shaggy mullet to a tight buzz cut. One successful choice was his red hair color, which added panache to his fashionable haircut and complemented his beard. Low ponytails are an easy, low-maintenance style for men who want a professional yet sexy appearance. Simply sweep medium length hair into a low ponytail and brush it back. Adding pomade for texture completes the style. A low ponytail is a perfect choice for men who want to appear both sexy and professional.