Different Kinds of Hairstyles

No matter the occasion or the event, an assortment of hairstyles is designed to fit every taste imaginable – professional or laid-back. Short or medium-length locks alike have something suitable available that’s sure to please.


A classic military style haircut featuring longer hair in the center and shorter locks on either side, typically worn spiked up. Perfect for all kinds of situations!

Taper Haircut

A taper haircut gradually shortens the hair on your back and sides while leaving length on top. It is an ideal way to create structure and contrast while simultaneously drawing attention to proportions and creating a system and contrast in proportions and design. Furthermore, it is the perfect foundation for dramatic styles like mohawks and combovers.

Pair a high taper fade with a sleek back for a timeless and clean appearance, or add texture to a low taper for casual appeal. Whatever style you select, be sure to use matte products like pomades to secure it.

Taper haircuts, sometimes misconstrued as fades, are more precise and pronounced cutting forms. Be sure to specify which type of taper — low, medium, or high — you would like with your barber.


Mohawk hairstyles are striking, eye-catching designs that can be worn in various styles. While its traditional version requires shaved sides and long hair on top, more socially acceptable variations, such as feathering, can still create dramatic and striking looks.

The faux hawk is an understated version of the mohawk that allows men to sport a spiky style without shaving or buzzing their sides, making this hairstyle appropriate for formal events such as work.

A mullet mohawk is a stylish combination of two popular hairstyles. This variation features short sides with longer top hair that can be braided into various styles for an eye-catching finish.

Long Top Short Sides

The long top short sides hairstyle offers many distinct looks due to its versatility; you can wear it casually and formally. There are many opportunities for experimentation when styling this look, including adding layers or changing up hair color.

An alternative style to try with this haircut is angled pomp, a modern take on classic pomps that sacrifices volume to give them their unique appearance. All it requires to achieve this look is some gel!

If you prefer something less extreme, a low or medium fade with a smooth brush back could also be an easy look to maintain that will still help make an impressionful statement.

French Crop

Men who desire a neat haircut will appreciate this style – the tight French crop features short edges to emphasize neatness, while its high skin fade adds even more class.

This haircut differs from traditional French crops in that the hair length on top is slightly longer, as a variation on textured crops. To keep this style looking its best, apply a small amount of wax or hair clay directly onto each strand for effortless maintenance.

This wavy textured French crop may appear disorganized at first glance. Still, it has loads of micro-texture, adds character, and is easier to maintain than styles requiring regular styling sessions.


The mullet has taken many forms over the years, with the most common style featuring shaved sides that don’t blend into the top, long hair at the back, and bold styling elements such as razored sides that pop. This look makes a statement and is great for those who are confident in showing their true colors!

Use hair spikes for an alternative style! They work on all hair textures and are the ideal way to create something original and distinctive.

This variation of the mullet is more subdued and might be an appropriate option for those looking to make a statement without going all out. It consists of short sides with longer midsection hair with fades.


An undercut is an elegant way to showcase your style without calling attention to itself. By keeping your hair long, a barber can craft a striped design at the nape of your neck that hides or reveals itself according to your wishes – perfect for curly locks brushed up and tousled for texture!

This style resembles a fade with an added classy disconnected element. It accentuates the contrast between your long top and short sides and back for maximum impact, perfect for square faces that complement beards perfectly and modern fashion trends. An excellent choice for men looking for a clean but bold hairstyle suitable for current fashion trends!