What Is a Fringe Hairstyle?

Fringe hairstyles provide something for every face shape and hair texture imaginable, from blunt bangs to wispy eyebrow-grazing strands. Fringe cuts are particularly flattering when combined with fades or taper cuts.

Rounded Fringe

A rounded fringe can frame and highlight your cheekbones, providing the ideal frame for any older women’s features. Plus, this style can easily be styled as desired: from pushing it sideways or back behind the ears!

Long Fringe

Long fringe haircuts make an elegant statement about who you are. Wavy hair works best, as its soft lines give your face a balanced feminine aesthetic and can balance angular features that create an imbalanced feminine appearance. Additionally, long, thick locks may benefit from this look!

Model Edie Campbell’s Delicate Fringe

Model Edie Campbell epitomizes an ideal look for women with dark, fine-tuned locks: her delicate fringe. Showcased to stunning effect here by her side-swept boundary that covers most of her forehead while leaving just a small section on either side, the style enthralls all who see it.

Adding Height with a Pompadour Fringe

If you want to add height to your look, try brushing your fringe upward in a pompadour fashion. This works exceptionally well on medium-length locks that can be styled with either fades or tapers on either side.

Angular Fringe

An angular fringe adds texture and visual interest to any style and subtly contrasts with the rest of your hair. Sweep it to either side for a classic or edgy look – these fringes work exceptionally well on medium-length hair!

Controlled Curly Fringe

For those with curly locks looking to keep their style under control, a controlled curl style may be just what’s needed to achieve an attractive look. Perfect with fades or taper cuts and most facial structures alike. Curls may get oily quickly, but a product might be necessary.

Messy Fringe

Messy fringe hairstyles are an increasingly popular option for medium-length locks. Easy to create and chic in appearance, this look is ideal for adding flair and sophistication.

Textured Fringe

Curly-haired women love this versatile style as it frames their faces while softening features. Try pairing this look with either a low or mid-length cut for maximum effect – curlies adore it for its easy wearability!

Fringe Haircuts: Transform Your Look

Fringe haircuts can be an easy and effective way to transform your look completely. With so many styles to choose from, experiment until you find one that complements you best; once that occurs, it should be straightforward to maintain and style.