What Is a Fringe Haircut?

A fringe haircut is a type of hairstyle in which long strands fall across your forehead, creating an eye-catching feature. This look can be combined with fades, taper cuts, or undercuts to produce various looks. Fringes do not suit every face shape, and specific styles can be challenging to keep looking their best; sweat, humidity, and wind may cause them to collapse into flat strands that lose shape over time.


Asymmetrical fringe styles make an elegant and modern statement when worn loose, framing the face nicely and framing hair down beautifully. Additionally, this look looks fantastic when worn by women with longer locks – and can even be styled differently every time! Example: Wearing an asymmetrical fringe alongside a bob is one way of adding some edge and texture. This style is ideal for older women looking for something fresh to try with their hairstyle. For optimal results, this style should be kept textured using texturizing spray or volumizing mousse to maintain the shape of the cut throughout the day. Regular trims should also be conducted to prevent overgrowth and create an unsightly appearance; additionally, its asymmetry can cause oiliness on the forehead area, and it is recommended they keep dry shampoo handy, such as Dove Refresh Care Volume and Fullness dry shampoo, for quick refreshments whenever necessary.


Long fringes require extra care when styling them properly, from daily washing and brushing, through trimming every few weeks and protection from humidity and rain. A great way to keep flyaways at bay and frizzy patches under control is to keep a hair spray or dry shampoo handy to tame flyaways or frizz patches as soon as they arise. Flowy fringes are an excellent way to update their style without going full shag. Pairing well with side parts, these fringes can be styled for an office-appropriate look or more angular ones that create more of an angular effect. This look works particularly well on heart- and oval-shaped faces, though oblong and diamond faces may benefit if their fringe finish is softened. Avoid anything too blunt or harsh, which would accentuate any hard lines on your face.


Choppy side-swept fringes make an elegant statement of edge while remaining versatile enough to wear with any texture or length of hair. Wear it swept back for formal occasions for added elegance; its minimal maintenance requirements make this style suitable for women of all ages and generations alike! Full fringe is an ever-popular classic style; from Audrey Hepburn’s micro fringe in the 60s to Brigitte Bardot’s long full fringe today, this look remains classic and always looks chic. Combine it with tapering for modernity or undercuts for an edgy, ’80s feel. If you opt for a full fringe, use a light hair spray throughout the day to keep it looking sleek and fresh. Heat and humidity can cause your locks to become oily or lose shape over time, so staying on top of things is vitally important.


A sleek fringe can add height and length. To get this style, ask your hairstylist to use pomade or wax to mattify and texturize the ends of your hair before combing it forward into an undercut style. Use dry shampoo or volumizing mousse to fluff up your fringe a few centimeters for vintage charm! This style’s beauty lies in its simply framing one side of your face without being overly fussy, making it an excellent option for those just beginning their fringe journey and wanting something easy yet chic. Additionally, heart-shaped faces may benefit from having them soften their angles and widths, while diamond and oblong face shapes might find this look too shortening in terms of features. Additionally, fades or taper styles work tremendous and even can be styled back into a pompadour for a retro effect!