3B Curly Hair

If your curls fall somewhere between spring ringlets and tight corkscrews, you have 3b curly hair. Characterized by medium texture and well-defined spirals, 3b curls require ample moisture for their style to flourish and require the appropriate haircare routine to reach their potential.

To keep your curls soft and hydrated

Try washing a few times each week with thick conditioner and co-washing with thick conditioner. “Squish” your strands after conditioning to help define and increase moisture.


The distinguishing characteristic of the 3b curly hair type is its well-defined curl pattern, from loose ringlets with the circumference of a marker to tight 3c corkscrews. No matter which pattern your 3b has, all 3b hair is considered medium texture that benefits from plenty of volume and movement. Curly 3B hair tends to be drier than other curly types and requires extra moisture toto remain soft and frizz-resistant.


Bridgette Hill and Marilisa Sears of Trichology International describe 3b curls as being tighter and springier than other curly hair types, with looser ringlets mixed in among corkscrews or one tight coil of a diameter smaller than that of a Sharpie pen. Due to their medium texture, 3b curls can become dry quickly when over-shampooed or treated with harsh cleansers. Sulfate-free shampoos should be used instead, as they gently cleanse without stripping the scalp of natural oils that protect its structure from breakage and frizzing after showering.


Hydrated 3b hair can be soft and bouncy with defined coils that don’t look puffy or frizzy. To keep your curls intact and hydrated, lightweight conditioners won’t weigh down strands as much, or consider heavy-duty treatments that penetrate inner cuticle layers to stop moisture loss and dryness.


No matter their shape or texture, curls of any variety can look beautiful when given proper care. 3B coils require moisture to maintain definition, while they’re susceptible to frizzing and tangling if not given adequate attention. To prevent these issues from occurring, gentle haircare products should be used. To keep them in their prime state for as long as possible. Doing it this way helps minimize stress and breakage, plus, it can even simplify detangling, raight forward thanks to spraying your locks with a detangler. For extra assistance with detangling curly locks, try using wide-tooth combs or detangling brushes specifically designed to separate knots from tangles and knots. Furthermore, always include deep conditioner in every wash day regimen to hydrate strands with natural oils and butter that can lubricate them and lock in moisture.