3b Curly Design Ideas

3b curly is not so common as other types, but it is very beautiful. A 3b design might include waves or corkscrew curls that are soft to the touch. It can be kinky, wavy, or bouncy. Before going to a hair salon to get that done, make sure you know that type because there are a few design tips that might help you.

Model Ideas for Curly Hair

A few years back, a lot of this salons introduced to the public “3b” curly hair cut. This Haircut is extremely curly (which makes it bouncy!) and the “b” cut ends at the nape of your neck or just behind your ears. These hair cuts were great because they had a shorter cut, and they didn’t have to be cut straight down as long as there were still some waves left. Nowadays you can still find some variations of the “3b” curly hair cut; in fact they are so popular that there are even places around the world (notably Brazil) where this type of this cut is quite common! But for our purposes here, we’re looking for design ideas for curly Hair, specifically – Model ideas for curly hair.

If you have long, straight Hair but would like some added volume or body, then there are some 3b curly design ideas that might be right for you. Your natural form is also as unique as ever. And so your style choices should reflect that uniqueness while making it look sexy and beautiful. 3b curly hair has a defined curl shape with less shine than normal type 3. 3b/3c curly Hair tends to only have a defined curl line with very little shine.