Natural Curly Updo Styles – Edgar Haircut Design

A variety of natural curly updo styles are available for curly tresses. They’re great for formal events and daytime outings when you don’t want to mess with that. They’re also a great way to refresh your second-day or third-day hair. To create this style, begin by applying a little hair gel to the back of your head and then brush that toward the center. Then, gather that into a ponytail and then fluff it out with your fingers. You can then finish the look with a little shine spray.

Natural Curly Updo Styles For Men


A natural curly updo is a simple way to show off fluffy curls. This style is perfect for second or third day hair. Apply hair gel, brush the hair toward the center of the head, and create a high ponytail. Then, fluff the curls with your fingers. To finish, spray that with shine spray and enjoy! Here are some ways to style your curly locks in an updo.