Hair Color Trends For Brunettes in 2023

Rich Coppers and Toasty Browns for Brunettes

2023 is an exciting year for new hair color trends, with rich coppers and toasty browns taking the spotlight. These tones are particularly flattering for brunettes, making them look younger.

Speeding up the Color Process with 30 Vol Developer and Bleach

To speed up the color process, especially on roots, combining 30 Vol developer with bleach can be effective. This solution lifts color several levels more quickly than regular bleach.

Medium Auburn Brown for a Natural Look with Added Warmth

Medium reddish brown is an engaging shade that blends red and brown tones to create an eye-catching hue. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to add warmth to their natural hair color without the maintenance and commitment of red hair. Celebrities like Kerry Washington, Debra Messing, and Lily Collins rock this shade beautifully.

Choosing Oval-shaped Earrings for Warm Skin Tones

For warm skin tones, oval-shaped earrings can be an excellent choice as they bring out pink, orange, and golden undertones in the skin.

Maintaining Dark Auburn Shades and Dealing with Fading

If you’re going for a dark brown shade, take inspiration from Marilu Henner and Sophie Turner. Remember that darker red hues tend to fade more rapidly, so frequent salon visits for touch-ups may be necessary. A shampoo and conditioner like Davines Nou Nou can help maintain vibrancy while avoiding sun damage.

Emphasizing the Light Brown Hue with Different Techniques

There are numerous techniques to emphasize the light brown hue in your hair, such as soft balayage and intense color melt techniques. Highlights add dimension and depth, particularly on wavy or curly textures. Tyra Banks’ pixie cut with golden-flecked highlights and buttery blonde lowlights is a stunning example.

Dark-to-Light Ombre for Brunettes

A dark-to-light ombre is a great way for brunettes to tone down their natural color without completely changing it. Starting darker at the roots and gradually lightening towards the top creates an easy caramel hue.

Golden Chestnut Shade for All Skin Tones

The golden chestnut shade complements all skin tones, especially those with golden or tanned complexions. The light brown style complements warm undertones. High-quality dye like John Frieda Precision Foam Colour helps maintain long-term, vibrant results.

Flattering Strawberry Blonde for Different Skin Tones

Strawberry blonde is a flattering mix of blonde and red that works with most skin tones. Redheads looking for something new and blondes seeking soft color can try this hue. It has an orange tint that particularly complements warmer complexions.

Dramatic Dark Strawberry Blonde for a Bold Statement

For an eye-catching and memorable look, opt for a dramatic dark strawberry blonde shade with a closer resemblance to copper than caramel. This bold shade goes well with any makeup or jewelry look.

Soft Pink Highlights for a Feminine Finish

Adding soft pink highlights throughout the hair creates a feminine and airy finish that looks fantastic on any facial structure.

Adaptable Reddish Brown for All Skin Tones

Reddish brown hair colors are highly adaptable and flatter all skin tones. Shades leaning more toward brown, such as wood brown, suit fairer skin tones. Vibrant reddish tones, like cinnamon cocoa, work well on deeper to darker complexions. Red color fades faster than other brunette hues, so commitment to maintenance is essential.

Combining Soft Balayage with Rich Auburn Brown

Combining soft balayage effects with rich reddish brown creates an eye-catching combination. Styling the hair in calm beach waves or classic victory rolls adds to the chic finish. A choppy layered cut can add depth and make the hair appear thicker and fuller.

Endless Possibilities with Copper Chestnut Brown to Mahogany Shades

From light copper chestnut brown to golden copper hues and deeper auburn and mahogany shades, the color family offers endless possibilities for beautiful hair.