How to Style 2B Wavy Hair

When it comes to wavy hair, there are several different types and you may be wondering which one you have. The mildest type is type 2b, which looks like nearly straight hair at the ends. This type of hair is flat at the roots and flows into loose S-shaped waves a few inches past the roots. It is the thinnest of the three types and is the least prone to frizz and tangling.

Dry shampoo boosts volume in wavy hair


Dry shampoo is a great product to use for wavy hair. It absorbs buildup from styling products while giving your hair a fresh, clean look. It also provides a subtle boost of volume and bounce. This product is great for all hair types, and can be used in the shower or on the go. We’ve got the scoop on how to get your hair to look its best.


First, we need to look at wavy hair types. This type of hair is characterized by soft, manageable waves and spiral curls. Without the right hair products and tools, it can be hard to style. Luckily, there are a number of products that can help you get those perfect curls and waves every day. A few of these products are effective for 2b wavy hair.

Brushes aren’t ideal for 2B wavy hair


While brushing 2B hair can be enjoyable, the texture of the strands is prone to breakage and kinking. Moreover, it is more likely to be dry at the roots and oily at the ends. Luckily, proper moisture and hydration can minimize the risk of frizz and create a more uniform and tidy texture. While 2B hair is naturally prone to tangles, the right products can prevent excessive tangling.


For 2B hair, you can use a brush that is specially designed for your type of wavy hair. These brushes will not only tame your hair but will also accentuate its natural volume. The most important feature of a 2B hair brush is its ability to get the best possible results on your hair. This type of hair is the most versatile among all three types of wavy hair. Unlike straight and curly hair, it is also the least prone to frizz.

Dry shampoo absorbs build-up from styling products


Unlike type 2a and type 2c, type twob wavy hair isn’t extremely dense or voluminous. Instead, it’s wavy in all the right places – and has the softest texture. If styled properly, 2b hair can look like a mermaid’s tail and be incredibly soft. But taking care of type twob wavy hair can be challenging – especially when it’s dry.


To get the best results from your wavy hair, you need to know how frequently you should wash it. The first day is the best time to wash it, while the second and third day hair are dry and greasy. However, shampooing it every time you wash your hair isn’t a good idea, because it can upset your hair’s oil balance and make it look less natural. Instead, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that provides hydration and gentle scalp cleansing.

It’s easy to achieve


If you have wavy, medium-textured hair, 2B wavy hair is not hard to achieve. This type of hair is soft, manageable, and known for its spiral curls. However, it can be difficult to style, particularly if you don’t have the right tools and products. Here are a few tips for 2B wavy hair that will give you the look you want.


The first thing you should do when trying to get 2B wavy hair is choose lightweight products. Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain water as the first ingredient. After washing your hair, use a detangling product to separate your strands. When detangling, start at the bottom and work your way up. Do not rip through the knots or you’ll end up with damaged ends.