20s Hair

The 1920s witnessed a significant change in women’s fashion and lifestyle. New hats, accessories, and bob hairstyles became popular, symbolizing a shift in how women looked and their role in society.

Flappers were rebellious women known for their shimmery dresses and short, edgy hair. Their glamorous style remains fashionable even today.

A popular hairstyle from the 1920s was Louise Brooks’ sleek, short blunt bob with a middle part. This chin-length haircut flatters all women, especially those with thin hair. Adding highlights and slightly jagged ends keeps the style chic and up-to-date.

Long locks can achieve the ultimate 1920s look with faux curled bobs. Curl the top strands inward to form glossy coils at the nape of your neck. Secure them with bobby pins for a romantic dinner date.

To recreate the loose, flowing waves of 1920s hairstyles, use a wand to create natural-looking waves cascading down your head. Secure them with a headband for an attractive finishing touch, perfect for parties or everyday wear.

Curls in a low ponytail add a seductive edge to any look. Complement it with side braiding or draped strands for an elegant twist on everyday ponytail styling. This voluminous style suits any face shape perfectly and gives off princess vibes.

Flapper hairstyles were a symbol of independence for young women in the 1920s. They challenged social norms by breaking traditions and embracing jazz music, makeup, and short dresses. These lively yet feminine styles left a lasting impact on the era and continue to resonate today.