Cool Hair Colors For Cool-Toned Brunettes

Ash Tones

– Ash tones can help cool-toned brunettes with warm complexions and combat brassy tones.

– These shades come in semi-permanent forms and range from light to dark.

– Contact your stylist and request light ash blonde or dark ash brunette shades for a natural radiance.

Dark Chocolate

– Chocolate brown adds an eye-catching pop of color for cool-toned brunettes with olive complexions and dark eye colors.

– Balayage is an effective way to add warmth and depth to dark chocolate hair.

– Chunky pieces add texture and create a sun-kissed highlight effect.


hair pearls create a floating effect, perfect for adding romantic charm to special occasion looks.

– Pearl hair pins can be added to low buns, ponytails, updos, or braids for a polished finish.


– Eggplant balayage offers a deep and vibrant hue for brunettes.

– This low-maintenance look fades into a lived-in shade over time.

– Eggplant purple complements cool and warm skin tones and most eye colors.

Caramel Brown

– Caramel highlights or lowlights add dimension and contrast to darker brown hair.

– The balayage coloring technique can incorporate caramel into the locks.

– Opt for a rooty chocolate brown lob with caramel highlights for an on-trend style that grows out seamlessly.


– Lavender hair adds pastel colors to your look and can be achieved with semi-permanent options.

– The formula contains conditioning ingredients to keep the locks healthy.

– Straight hair looks gorgeous with a dusty lavender hue.

Rose Gold

– Rose gold balayage is a beautiful alternative to pink hair color.

– It combines golden blonde and coppery red tones for natural results.

– Pale blondes make ideal candidates for this trendy shade.

Warm Blonde

– Warm blonde shades from light to dark offer a radiant, natural glow.

– Champagne is a beautiful option, leaning towards brown with brightening blonde tones.

– Honey and caramel tones add warmth and depth to blonde and brunette locks.