Top 5 Women’s Short Hairstyles for 2020

Pixie Cut

This pixie cut is ideal for women with straight hair. The random layers give this cut a fresh, contemporary vibe that can be accentuated with highlights for added visual interest. Add deep parting and side bangs for something bolder – the results will be breathtaking! This style will ensure that your pixie stands out from the crowd. For added drama, add a fashionable hue like reddish blonde; it will give your fairy an eye-catching edge this year and create a dramatic, impactful effect!


The undercut quickly became one of the hottest short female hairstyles in 2017. Shaving some sides gives your haircut an exciting, contemporary edge, perfect for free-spirited women ready to showcase their looks. Sharp layered undercuts are ideal for thin or brittle hair and pair perfectly with precision bowl cuts that highlight facial curves. Or try something bolder, such as a geometric undercut style with sharp corners on either side; alternatively, try a side-swept mohawk for added drama!


Half-up and half-down hairstyles are an easy and versatile way to bring back your locks without the commitment of braids and buns. Perfect for pulling back any length, a half-up half-down can take seconds for every hair length. This year has seen the revival of an old favorite hairstyle: Zendaya has made waves by sporting this retro look at casual events, and it works particularly well with curlier locks. Eyebrow-grazing bangs work beautifully with this hairstyle. They conceal a wider forehead while complementing your features perfectly and adding depth and dimension. Furthermore, you can add flowers or bows to personalize this look.

A-Line Bob

A-line bobs are ideal for those seeking to add drama and sophistication to their look. Boasting a deep side part and sleek texture, this cut exudes class. Add subtle ombre highlights for added visual flair! Curl up an A-line bob for a glamorous, modern twist. This style works particularly well on those with curly or wavy locks and works casually and formally. Make an impressionful statement by pairing an a-line bob with an eye-catching color like pink to make an impactful statement with this look that will turn heads.

Angled Bob

An angled bob is an elegant style with plenty of movement. This look can span from shoulder length to chin length; however, for optimal results, it looks best with long face-framing bangs. Ask your stylist for a graduated bob for an understated variation of this style, featuring longer layers at the front and shorter ones at the back. Make this look more engaging by adding pops of color or highlights – for instance, pairing dark brown roots with ash blonde highlights creates an exquisite contrast between colors and textures that is truly mesmerizing.

Natural Colors

If you prefer allowing your natural hair color to take center stage, try opting for a curved chin-length bob or blunt pixie with side-swept thick bangs – these styles work beautifully for medium or thick hair and can be worn in warm or cool shades depending on skin tone. Straight bobs can look romantic when styled with soft spiral curls. Additionally, this hairstyle is great for women with fine or thin locks, and braid lovers might enjoy trying a halo braid or French braid as part of this short haircut style.

Shaved Head

A close-shaven buzz cut is an eye-catching look that makes an edgy statement. Furthermore, it conceals ears and facial features, making the head appear smaller; many women have worn this style throughout history for religious purification or freedom-inspired purposes. Women looking for more feminine looks should opt for a bob with eyebrow-grazing bangs as one of the most sought-after short hairstyles. It suits virtually every face shape and hair texture perfectly! Bleach blonde highlights are an eye-catching accent to any short crop hairstyle and offer an unforgettable color combination.