How to Style Fine Thin Wavy Hair

Exemplary wavy hair management requires using products that will increase its volume while simultaneously highlighting its waves without weighing it down, such as volumizing gels, mousses, and sprays.

Curly bobs and neck-grazing curls work great for thin curly hair, but don’t be intimidated to add highlights! A bronde balayage gives this style a sun-kissed effect and adds dimension.

Type 2a hair

If your hair seems straight at the roots and features slight S-shaped curves towards the bottom of your shaft and ends, this is likely type 2a hair. The loose coils create beachy waves for a casual beach look.

However, you may encounter problems like frizz and low density that leave your strands looking heavy. Staying hydrated and getting regular trims are ways of combatting these problems and maintaining beautiful locks.

Your hair needs the right balance of moisture and protein to look lush and full of body. Overwashing may lead to dryness, fizziness, and dull-looking strands; instead, opt for light sulfate-free products and hydrating treatments like hair masks to provide your locks with some much-needed TLC.


Thin curly hair benefits from being styled into a layered bob, as it adds volume. Light curls may also benefit from enhanced style with a deep side part for added symmetry and to cover any imperfections in their natural coils.

Fine, wavy hair requires lightweight products that add volume and highlight its waves, rather than heavy gels or other styling products, which could weigh it down and cause it to appear limp or flat.

Type 2a curls differ from other wavy or curly hair types by not possessing an S-shaped wave pattern; instead, they form more of an undone, beachy texture near the roots that’s flat at first glance. Due to its delicate nature, this hair type can become over-moisturized quickly, leading to frizz, tangles, and product buildup issues.

To address these problems, use Biolage Styling Whipped Volume Mousse as a leave-in conditioner. This airy mousse will help your strands achieve more lift while keeping them soft and healthy, hiding any visible scalp showing through their strands.


Fine wavy hair’s thinner growth pattern makes it vulnerable to being weighed down by styling products, but by making some simple modifications, you can keep your strands looking their best and full of body.

Light-hold mousse can help add volume at the roots without flattening waves, so look for products labeled as light or smooth. Alternatively, try a gel to enhance curl definition or add shine using a hairspray that won’t weigh down waves.

Limit how often you wash your hair every other day (or as needed). Overwashing can strip away essential nourishing oils for maintaining fine strands’ health, leading to frizz, dryness, and breakage. Clarifying once every month or so will remove buildup and restore baby-fine texture to your locks. A wide-tooth comb or afro pick can also help detangle wet strands, as this prevents knots from forming!


Create mermaid waves with this sulfate- and silicone-free hair serum designed to add volume and texture. Perfect for acceptable thin wavy hair types while strong enough to control frizz, flyaways, detangling time reduction, and increase shine (up to 26x more than untreated strands).

Fine strands tend to be thinner and less dense than other wavy or curly styles, making it easy for natural and product buildup to wreak havoc with your mane and cause flattening near its roots. This may lead to brittleness and chronic dryness or oiliness, which could contribute to an endless cycle of problems!

To combat this problem, choose lightweight shampoo and conditioner products with added oils or proteins, as these may weigh down your locks. Also, use heat-protecting leave-in products to shield strands from over-styling or damage caused by heat-styling tools.