Top 5 2020 Short hair Cuts For Women

No matter your hair’s length, an excellent cut can elevate your confidence and revitalize your appearance. Below are some of the best short haircuts to complement your face shape and bring out its natural beauty.

1. Apple Cut

The Apple Cut is a short, almost bob-length haircut with volume at the back that creates an “apple” shape, popular among children and adolescents. Recently, its popularity has returned to fashion through layers and fades, making this fun style suitable for all face shapes and hair colors.

2. Shaggy Apple Cut

Shaggy Apple Cut is an increasingly trendy style of haircut that playfully blends the apple cut and bowl cut for an unexpected yet stylish look, perfect for those who want something edgier or more modern.

3. Waves

Waves can add a splash of dimension and flare to any look, especially those with shorter locks. They look amazing without taking up too much length while being easy to maintain without needing any special care or attention.

4. Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts offer an excellent opportunity to show your style through your hair, from feminine or edgy to glamorous looks. There are various styles, like half-moon cuts or two disconnected moons for added flare.

5. Mohawk

The mohawk is one of the edgiest short haircuts for women, requiring some effort but worth every minute of action to style it perfectly. A mohawk can express your inner rebel while beautifying many different face shapes beautifully.

Classic Bob

A classic bob is considered one of women’s premier short haircuts. This timeless classic can flatter virtually every facial structure and be worn in multiple ways, making it an excellent option for any season and color combination.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is ideal for those seeking to appear stylish without going overboard with their look. It looks especially great on women with darker locks and works wonders for fine or thin locks because it helps make their strands appear thicker and fuller.