How to Transition From Blonde to Gray Hair With Edgar Model


Whether you are a woman with a natural tresses of blonde hair or a man with a mane of silver gray hair, you can make the transition to gray hair easy by wearing a new style or using highlights and lowlights. Try a pompadour with lowlights or highlights, like the one worn by Emma Thompson. A trendy style will help you transition to gray hair. Also, you can use silver grey roots and combine it with pastel icy blue strands.

If you have ever thought about recoloring that, you may be wondering which shades are best for gray hair. You may want to consider staying with your natural color if you have darker roots. This option also has many benefits. For example, it’s easy to maintain. If you dye that regularly, you won’t have to worry about fading. It will remain the same color as long as you take good care of it.