Top 10 Trendy Boys Hairstyles for 2020

Short Sides, Long Top

Boys can express individuality with trendy haircuts featuring short sides and longer top-length options. These create a contrasting modern look that is easy to style using gel or wax.

Taper Fade Haircut

A taper fade haircut for boys with thick hair and short bangs is stylish yet low maintenance. It suits various hair textures and ages.

Mohawk Fade

Make the most of your boy’s wild side with this modern look. Combining short sides with a spiky top creates an eye-catching contrast, easily styled using pomade or wax.

Comb Over

Ideal for school, the comb-over allows boys to experiment with their hair while remaining appropriate. It’s easy to style and works for virtually every face shape, especially with fade haircuts.

Messy Spiky Hair

Boys can show off their textured appearance with this easy and stylish messy haircut. Apply pomade directly onto locks and use a comb to achieve the spiky look.

Textured Crop

This low-maintenance style is perfect for boys with textured hair, creating an unruly yet sophisticated aesthetic. It suits any hair length or texture and can be enhanced with a side parting.

Long Wavy Hair with a Middle Part

Long wavy hairstyles for boys are trendy, effortlessly framing the face and adding volume and dimension.

Side-Swept Fringes

Side-swept fringes make a statement and offer endless styling possibilities. They can be brushed or styled with pomade and wax for different looks.

Taper Fade with Quiff

A versatile style that works on different hair lengths and textures, the taper fades can be combined with a quiff for a stylish, contemporary look.

Faux Hawk with Hair Design

Add drama and frame the face with a mohawk and skin fade hairstyle. Textured locks benefit significantly from this unconventional haircut.

Low Fade

Great for boys with medium-length hair, the low fade is fashionable and suitable for school or formal events.

Textured Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Create a sleek and polished appearance with the Ivy League haircut, featuring neatly tapered sides and a longer top that can be styled in numerous ways.

Drop Fade with Quiff

The drop fades with a quiff, dramatically contrasting the short sides and longer top layers—style with pomade or wax for maximum impact.

Textured Faux Hawk with Cropped Sides

Boys with curly locks can embrace their natural texture with a low or high fade paired with a faux hawk. This creates an eye-catching appearance.

Modern Crew Cut with Side Part

The modern crew cut with a side part offers a classic, sophisticated aesthetic suitable for preppy boys. It can easily fit any hair type.

Textured Faux Hawk with Shaved Top

Teen boys with medium-length, textured hair have various styling options. Many choices exist, from a comb-back with skin fade for an elegant and timeless look to bolder styles like a faux hawk or quiff.

Hard Parts

Complex parts create a defined line that stands out against the rest of the hair, creating an ultramodern and polished aesthetic. They work well with fade haircuts.

Textured Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides

A faux hawk with shaved sides is an eye-catching hairstyle for boys with long locks. It creates an unfettered aesthetic and frames the face beautifully.

High Fade with Quiff

The high fade haircut with a quiff is an elegant option that requires minimal styling effort. It adapts to various hair lengths and textures.

Textured Mohawk with Shaved Top

This style offers boys an attractive yet low-maintenance option. It features short tapered sides with long top hair that can be styled back for a classic look.

Textured Styles

Textured styles, such as a mop, pompadour, quiff, or brush back, add a natural vibe to any haircut. They work well for boys with thick or curly locks, especially with skin fades or line-ups.