2020 Boys Styles

For your little boy’s next haircut, opt for a wavy or curly side-swept look. While long side-swept styles are more masculine and elegant, they can be tricky to maintain. You can choose to leave the top half of the hair down or dye it blond for a more distinctive look. In either case, you’ll need to regularly visit your barber’s chair for touch-ups.

Boys have been experimenting with different styles for a long time. One of the most popular boys styles in 2020 is a scrunched ponytail. This stylish cut can be worn low or high, depending on the occasion. The scrunched ponytail style is a great choice for formal and semi-formal events. The short sides and long top can be shaped into a quiff, a comb-over, a faux hawk, or a spiked look.

The most fashionable haircut for boys in 2020 is the undercut fade with a side part. This classic, yet stylish look is the choice of soccer players and actors alike. It’s a classic style that will not only cut weight and time, but also highlight the boy’s youthful features. The heavy French crop is one of the most popular styles for boys, with its long fringe and taper fade. This style is perfect for both young and old, and can be achieved with a minimal styling time.