Blonde Hair Trends For 2020

If you’re thinking about going lighter this fall, take a look at these blonde hair trends for 2020. According to stylists, golden shades like Emma Roberts’ honey blonde are among the most sought-after hues since they flatter nearly any skin tone. This look is ideal for brunettes looking to lighten up without making drastic color changes. Your stylist can add highlights and lowlights that create an undulating blend of tones for an ultra-natural appearance.

Baby Blonde

Champagne blonde is an ageless classic that looks good on most skin tones, making it the ideal shade for anyone wanting a subtle change without bleaching their entire head. Redken colorist Natalie Wiepert recommends this hue as she recommends champagne as “a beautiful light neutral shade with dimension and shine,” especially for those with warm skin tones. If you have darker locks, professional bleaching services should always be sought if transforming to lighter tones is desired. “It takes time and patience to achieve lighter blonde shades,” according to L’Oreal Paris Color Concierge Brittany Snow. Too quick a transformation could leave an orangey or brassy hue behind. To keep your color-treated locks looking healthy between salon visits, invest in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated locks and use hair gloss to refresh and revitalize them.

Face-Framing Highlights

TikTokers, Youtubers, and Instagram models alike have made this hair trend extremely popular; it is the ideal way to highlight your best features or distract attention from imperfect areas. It is a low-maintenance version of balayage; ask your stylist to add a few strands around your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline for an eye-catching yet flattering result. If you’re feeling bold, use platinum face-framing highlights if your base color is blonde. This high-contrast hue will make blonde strands pop or add contrast against darker locks; Jordyn Woods, Dua Lipa, and Jennifer Lopez have all rocked it! For those seeking a subtler take on this trend, golden or buttery face-framing highlights may be best. This shade pairs well with medium brown strands and can be amplified using Redken Shine Flash hair spray. Keep blonde locks looking their best using color-preserving shampoo and conditioner from Matrix, like their Total Results Brass Off Shampoo and Conditioner.

Two-Tone Hair

Make an impact statement with two-tone hair color by adopting this trend! Opposite colors (such as aquamarine) work best; try them on wavy or center-parted lobs for an eye-catching yet feminine style that still packs a punch! Pink and blue can make for a bolder, edgier color combination that stands out. Avril Lavigne made headlines for her timeless blonde-and-pink combination, while Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams flaunted turquoise strands complemented with a shoulder-length bob. If you prefer a more natural-looking two-tone hair color, try switching out lighter highlights for darker roots for an effective two-tone style that won’t require as much bleaching and maintenance. This style works particularly well on brunettes with long strands who want to add pops of color without looking ombre-ish or bleached-out; Dua Lipa recently showcased this look with her signature peekaboo highlights on a black collarbone-length lob.

Low-Maintenance Blonde

The ombre hair trend will likely remain popular without requiring frequent salon trips. A popular brown-to-blond ombre fades seamlessly from your roots to ends for a stunning sun-kissed look; light brown to dark blond provides a subtle transition or darker brown can be switched up to super light blond for bold contrast! There are even blue, pink, and red ombres for those wanting something more daring! Try this soft, lived-in balayage look if you want to go blonde but don’t have time for touch-ups. Your stylist can blend various blonde hues to achieve this natural-looking shade that gradually develops without requiring drastic color adjustments. If you don’t have time for frequent foils, this wavy balayage could be needed to keep up your dirty blonde hue without periodic touch-ups. Your stylist can add chunks of ashy blonde to neutralize brassiness and add dimension. Use a platinum-safe shampoo and keep heat tools below 375 degrees to preserve the color!