Ninety-Nineties Women’s Hairstyles For Today’s Woman

Women of the 1990s loved sporting girly styles like high pigtails and tight, slicked-back up-dos. Today, you can still recreate these looks to give yourself a fun throwback look and give off nostalgic vibes.

The Pixie Cut

Winona Ryder inspired many tomboys to sport this boyish pixie cut, which is easy to maintain and instantly gives them a fierce look.

The Bob

The bob was all the rage in the ’90s and remains popular today. This timeless look never goes out of style; from classic straight styles like Farrah Fawcett’s to updated variations, it always stays Inkham’s. An Olsen sister bob is an ideal way to channel your inner 90s chick, while adding some edge by dyeing your locks raven black for an eye-catching statement look.

Top Bun with Fringe

For an effortless casual style, try a top bun with fringe. This timeless look fits nearly all face shapes and can be centered or side-parted for maximum impact. For added drama, add printed scrunchies for that 90s touch, or tuck back your locks behind your ears for extra flirtiness and wear your hair in a braid to complete this relaxed yet feminine look.

The Pixie

Pixie cuts were immensely fashionable during the 90s and remain highly fashionable today. You can achieve this look by asking your hairdresser to cut choppy and shaggy layers that allow for more accessible traceable volume – or try out crimped hair experiencing an enormous resurgence! No matter whether worn with long, straight, or curly locks, this adorable style looks feminine and delightful on anyone. It is easy to maintain and pairs perfectly with a simple ponytail for added effect. Add color and interest to your fairy by using colorful hair beads or tiaras as fun accents, wearing colorful scrunchies in different hues, or even opting for classic headbands; all are sure to make you look like royalty on any special occasion!

The Braids

If you don’t feel ready to part ways with your long locks, a charming braid can add a chic 90s aesthetic to your style. From Britney Spears-inspired ponytails to casual variations like this swoopy style, braids offer an intelligent way of looking polished yet refined.

The Rachel

Discussion of ’90s hair would only be complete with mentioning The Rachel, Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Friends haircut that remains an inspiration today. Created by Chris McMillan, The Rachel gained its notoriety due to its face-framing layers and cascading volume – features designed by Chris himself! Tiny hair beads to give the style some flair – the result will be a feminine and playful 90s style perfect for any event or special occasion! For even greater adventurers, dyeing your strands to create an ombre effect could even work!

The Beach Waves

Beachy waves are an easy and natural way to add texture to your locks while creating an effortlessly chic style – from casual looks like Brandy’s braided ponytail to more formal updos for special events and formal occasions. Crimped locks are another iconic 90s style making a comeback; from teased height-gaining height to loose volume-building waves, these tight curls are sure to turn heads and bring back memories of 90s beauty – this effortless look can pair beautifully with anything from flowing gowns to denim overalls. TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio have brought back this popular 90s style. This face-framing look is easy to style and can even be paired with a bandana for an eye-catching aesthetic.