Nineties Women’s Hairstyles

A sleek half-up, half-down high ponytail was an iconic look of the 1990s. Whether worn slicked back like Blair Waldorf or full of beachy waves, this look remains timeless and iconic. Bring this look together by accessorizing it with feminine yet flirty accessories reminiscent of 90s style, such as butterfly clips, scrunchies, and crimped strands – the ideal combination for achieving the perfect 90s look.

Spiked Pixie Cut

This classic ’90s trend offers an easy, stylish solution to upgrade short hairstyles. Inspired by Drew Barrymore or Britney in Baby One More Time, flip out your ends and top with colorful butterfly clips for an eye-catching, girly finish. Spiked pixie cuts, paired with side-swept fringes or face-framing wisps, were an iconic 90s look, exuding confidence and sexiness. Additionally, this style works exceptionally well on those with natural locks – perfect for curlier or natural-looking waves!

Half-Tie Up Ponytail

An effortless way to show your ’90s pride is with a half-tie-up ponytail. This chic yet trendy look looks especially great when worn with an eye-catching scrunchie – whether bold prints or simple pastel hues are your preference, you’ll instantly add some swagger and confidence to your day.

Voluminous Side Flip

A voluminous side flip is an adorable hairstyle that is easy to maintain and wear in many different styles – straightened, curled, or even slicked down for added volume and dimension. Plus, adding color adds even more versatility! Long Olsen sister bobs remain popular hairstyles from the ’90s that can still be worn today, adding modern flair by pairing it with top knots or two side buns secured with colorful scrunchies.

Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights are a popular ’90s trend making a comeback, creating a natural-looking aesthetic. If you’re reluctant to dye your hair, try chunky highlights in lighter hues like blonde or golden brown for chunky highlights that still give off prom queen vibes. Be sure to use products that safeguard the color and keep it shiny; use one such as Sebamed’s Color Protectant shampoo when styling this style for maximum prom queen appeal!

Curtain Bangs and Chunky Highlights

By adding chunky highlights and curtain bangs, adding a dash of ’90s flair is a simple and dramatic way to inject your look with confidence-inducing characters reminiscent of Rachel Green or Drew Barrymore from that decade. Blonde face-framing highlights are also an effective way to soften facial features without looking dramatic or overstated.

Micro Braids

Gwen Stefani and Brandy made micro braids a trend in the ’90s, popularizing them in casual to red-carpet looks.

Double Pigtails

Double pigtails are another classic ’90s look that’s easy to recreate. Wear one side or both simultaneously; this charming girl-next-door style can be accessorized with colorful hair ties or accessories for added texture – adding pink glasses will complete this unforgettable ensemble!

Center Part with a Low Bun

From scrunchies adorning pigtails to butterfly clips illustrating accent braids, 1990s accessories were integral to many women’s looks. Reintroducing classic pieces such as these through this hairstyle is a fantastic way to unleash your inner girl power and show it. A center part with a low bun is an elegant and classic style suitable for any special event and can even add dimension with face-framing side fringe or flower clips for extra flair.

Full Bangs

If a boyish pixie cut is not quite your cup of tea, try something feminine like Christina Aguilera or Scary Spice: full bangs that frame your forehead. Use a volumizing mousse to add volume at your roots and avoid flatness in appearance!

Zig-Zag Part

No ’90s-era look would be complete without a shag cut, and its popularity remains widespread today. From Halle Berry’s tousled version to Ruby Rose’s face-framing voluminous one, shag cuts represent carefree yet polished styling from this decade that demands stares.

Crimped Hair

Crimping was once the go-to style for those with long locks who favored keeping it long, adding volume and texture to your locks. This hairstyle will instantly elevate any look, be it subtle or dramatic ’80s throwback styles.

Claw Bangs

The ’90s were all about face-framing, with wispy or claw bangs becoming an essential feature in women of all ages’ looks. Rowan Blanchard channelschanneled The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Ashley Banks with her sleek claw bangs, instantly elevating any style.