How to Get Blonde hair on Brown Skin

Many women with brown skin believe they cannot pull off blonde hair; however, with some clever planning, finding a shade that complements your complexion and achieves beautiful blonde locks is possible.

Determine Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Before choosing highlights for yourself, determine your skin tone and undertone. Women with cool undertones look best with platinum or golden highlights, while those with warm undertones look beautiful in caramel and rich honey.

Platinum Blonde

Try this cool platinum shade for an eye-catching blonde hue that genuinely stands out. The shade’s icy white tint pairs beautifully with pale skin tones, and brassy tones are avoided altogether. Additionally, it looks beautiful, worn either long with flowing curls or a sleek bob.

Rooted balayage techniques combine icy platinum with brown shades for an eye-catching ombre effect that produces a captivating caramel-inspired blonde hue, perfect for warm-toned women. Furthermore, adding platinum highlights to natural brown locks further amps up this captivating hair color and makes a striking look.

Try adding a golden tint if your blonde hue seems too cool for you. This shade suits a wide range of skin tones and works beautifully with warm or cool brown tones, pinkish skin tones, and beachy waves.

Light Ash Blonde

For those hesitant to commit to platinum yet, this light ash balayage offers an ideal compromise between platinum and bronze tones. A cooler ash hue with darker smokey lowlights creates a dynamic dimensional look that beautifully complements olive skin tones and vibrant eye colors.

This cool ash blonde with brown undertones is the ideal solution for brunettes who want to take the plunge with platinum without committing. The balayage technique makes the color easy to maintain, adding an effortless, lived-in look.

Dirty ash blonde is an excellent way to rejuvenate a bleached blonde shade that may have lost its sheen, add contrast and complement green eyes beautifully. Additionally, this look works well as a solution for hiding grey strands!

Natural Blonde

A luxurious flaxen shade of blonde is an effective way to bring out brown eyes. This warm shade works beautifully on most complexions, from golden highlights and honey-toned balayage to flaxen shades.

This shade may be less expected since many blondes opt to dye their locks. However, natural blondes with dark skin are possible! You can try this color by getting a wig, bundles, or bleaching your locks – remembering to use quality conditioner to avoid dry out and breakage. Washing too frequently can speed up fading; therefore, use dry shampoo on days off to minimize oiliness and increase volume!

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is an ideal hue to complement brown skin tones, as its warm caramel tone complements it perfectly. Additionally, the golden blonde shade is more manageable and less damaging to lighten than platinum blonde shades. Although multiple sessions may be needed before reaching desired results, an experienced stylist will ensure to only trim strands a little.

This sun-kissed blonde shade combines golden, buttery, and honey tones with brown roots for an exquisite multidimensional finish. This hue looks lovely with bobs, long wavy locks, buzz cuts, or buzz cuts. For added formality, you could add a top knot or low ponytail.

Selecting the Ideal Blonde Hue

To select the ideal blonde hue for your skin tone, consider both your eye color and skin tone. Cooler tones like ash and pearl blonde complement pale or blue eye colors, while warmer honey-like tones work best with darker and yellowish skin tones. Add extra flare by infusing fashion color highlights like red, pink, blue, or purple into your golden blonde mane for an added glam touch!