Can You Regrow Hairline If Your Hairline is Receding?

If genetic or hormonal issues cause your receding hairline, full recovery may not be possible; however, with appropriate treatments and habits, you can limit further hair loss while stimulating new growth.

Treatments for hair Growth

Various treatments have been proven to promote new hair growth, including topical minoxidil (the active ingredient found in products by Keeps) and finasteride (found in Hims). These ingredients have been shown to promote new growth while slowing further receding of the hairline.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massages may seem ineffective in boosting hair growth, but studies have demonstrated their efficacy in relieving anxiety and stress contributing to hair loss. Home scalp massages can be performed using fingers or a unique massage tool with comfortable pressure. Recent research has shown that regular scalp massages can lead to thicker hair.


Medications such as minoxidil and corticosteroids can help promote hair growth and reduce inflammation around hair follicles. hair transplantation is another option that involves moving thicker parts of the scalp’s hair toward the hairline for transplant.


Protective styles like braids and avoiding heat styling can help reverse breakage around the hairline. Drinking plenty of water can also prevent the hairline from receding.


Identifying the cause of thinning hairlines is crucial. Over-the-counter products like Nioxin or Rogaine can help with shedding, while protective styles and avoiding harsh styling can prevent further damage. Volumizing products and using a conditioner that won’t strip moisture are also beneficial.

Other Strategies

Maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding harsh chemical treatments, and managing stress through exercise and relaxation techniques can help keep the hairline healthy. If these tips don’t work, consulting a dermatologist for advanced treatments like light therapy or hair transplantation may be necessary.