Women’s Bob Haircuts 2020

No matter the style you prefer – whether a classic blunt cut or layered bob – this look is flattering for all face shapes and can be styled either with or without bangs depending on your mood. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements mean maximum effect is achieved quickly!

Classic Blonde Bob

Nothing screams “cool girl” like a classic blonde bob. This one features long, textured layers with stunning dual-color highlights for added effect.

Medium Length Bob with Asymmetrical Front

Medium-length bobs offer the ideal backdrop for playing with vibrant hues. From bold pink and yellow hues to subtler variations like brown or gray hues – your bob will undoubtedly stand out. An asymmetrical jaw-length bob can benefit significantly from having an eye-catching side fringe. This dramatic style instantly frames the face while softening solid cheekbones. To add dimension, tease crown sections before brushing them for an ideal finish.

Shorter Stacked Bob for Thinner Hair

Thinner hair may benefit from a shorter stacked bob with a rounded forehead and angled front pieces, an effortless style to maintain and instantly sexy. Play with textures to add volume; ask your stylist to craft a textured bob with longer pieces left long to frame the face and showcase earrings and piercings; it’s an easy way to upgrade a classic bob into a trendsetting cut!

Medium Length Bob with Textured Layers

Texturing your medium-length bob can keep it looking full all day long. For a soft yet voluminous style, tease crown sections of hair and brush them over the face-framing layers in your bob. This will create an intriguing silhouette that stays put through windy conditions while staying shapely all day long.

Blonde Balayage on Medium Length Bob

Add blonde balayage to your bob to make it more flattering, emphasizing the texture of its strands while creating a softer, well-balanced, and harmonious finish with its straight-leg style.

Chic Bob with a Deep Side Part

This chic bob is excellent for both wavy and straight locks. Featuring a deep side part and consecutive bangs to complement the face shape, its layered texture will give the illusion that it has thicker locks if you have fine hair. To achieve this look, curl strands of hair using a 1-inch curling iron before tousling them for a relaxed yet feminine vibe.

Medium Length Bob with a Side Part

Unleash your natural beauty with this medium-length bob, an eye-catching style that suits all types of faces. A side part will instantly give the appearance of femininity and elegance; pair this with bolder lipstick colors for maximum impact!

Deep Side Part for Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, a deep side part can effectively frame and highlight your cheekbones. Add texture by using dry shampoo for added effect!

Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Women with thick locks often opt for a textured bob, as it’s simple and carefree to maintain. Add dimension with soft blonde balayage hues that complement your natural shade or highlight it for added sophistication – make sure your stylist understands the challenges of handling thick locks properly!

Medium Length Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bobs are one of the trendiest haircuts, so consider adding one for your next cut. This style features a long spiral of hair on one side that makes for an adorable yet seductive look; wear this style either down or up, depending on your preference, and it will slim down your face, creating the illusion of a longer neck. Plus, its layers will help add volume and texture for added volume!

Adorable Blonde Balayage Asymmetrical Bob

This medium-length asymmetrical bob features an adorable blonde balayage color and choppy layers, creating the ideal combination of femininity and edginess, making it suitable for any event or special occasion. Women with round faces will mainly find this style flattering; its shape will help smooth away curves while attenuating chubby cheeks – pairing this look with deep side parts and sweeping bangs will provide maximum impact!