The Wigwam Motel – A Quirky Bit of American History

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Clifton Lewis observed his children, considering which would take over the motel and carry on family traditions. Over time, Pack Lewis learned the ropes – from which tent heaters work well to where she can find water sources – while being given pointers about which tepees had reliable heaters and where reliable sources existed for water supply.

The Wigwam Motel

The Wigwam Motel is an ideal stopover for road trippers looking for unique travel accommodations. It boasts impressive, tepee-shaped cabins that will feel right at home with you, plus create lasting memories at this motel!

Frank Redford built the original Wigwam Motel in 1933, inspired by Native American culture and drawn to its aesthetic. Over time, he would go on to construct seven motels of similar style along Route 66 alone.

California Wigwam

At Petrified Forest National Park in California lies this California Wigwam. Offering comfortable tepee-shaped rooms with all the amenities a traveler could require for a memorable trip, this California Wigwam will add charm and character to your Route 66 travels.

The Tee Pee Motel

WHARTON, Texas — Nestled between tractor dealers and rice mills on old Route 66 lies one of America’s few remaining Wigwam motels — The Tee Pee Motel — offering 19 village-style tepees at $77 a night — is an intriguing slice of history that remains.

Built during the 1940s by George and Toppie Belcher, this tepee-shaped motel quickly declined after closing in 1955, according to Wharton Journal-Spectator lifestyle editor Anne Heflin. At some point, it even served as a rendezvous spot for affairs!

Bryon Woods of Houston noticed the property being offered for sale. They decided to use his money to spruce it up by clearing away cobwebs, painting walls, and fixing up an inoperative neon sign that had fallen. Additionally, he decorated each tepee with American Indian artifacts while adding modern amenities such as barbecue grills, air conditioning units that protrude out of side walls, full-size beds, and more modern comforts such as barbecue grills.

The Wigwam Village Motel

Staying at an ordinary motel can be tedious for travelers who have spent too much time on the road; four walls, flower curtains, and an uninspiring continental breakfast quickly tire you out. But staying in one of Wigwam Village Motel’s 15 teepees may provide an unforgettable trip, particularly for those nostalgic about past Route 66 adventures.

Teepees here are inspired by tipis – the tall conical tents used by some northeastern Native American tribes – and a traditional main office and museum with Lewis Indian artifacts, Civil War memorabilia, and pieces of regional petrified wood on display.

Lewis is still active on the property at age 78, helping with repairs around it and keeping things upkeepable for her guests. Although Lewis knows the days of Wigwam motel villages may end, she remains dedicated to extending this one as long as possible. It typically books up full during summer vacation, and visitors visit regularly during other seasons for photos. Pack reports the hotel remains popular year-round: visitors stop by frequently, even in winter, to take photographs.

Route 66

Visitors to Route 66 often take advantage of its hotels, restaurants, and attractions along its path. While some kitschy roadside attractions may not be wheelchair accessible, most larger motels, diners, and shops feature ground-level entrances without stairs for wheelchair accessibility.

Route 66 is home to many colorful souvenirs, ranging from Jack Rabbit Trading Posts and colorful concrete wigwams to quirky souvenirs like Jack Rabbit Trading Posts and colorful concrete wigwams. Many classic Route 66 destinations have been open for decades, drawing photographers and nostalgia-seekers alike.

From May through September is an ideal time for traveling Route 66. Weather and road conditions along the historic highway tend to be most favorable during these months; Route 66 passes through deserts, plains, and mountains as it travels across six climate zones – making a good Route 66 guidebook essential in discovering its many hidden gems along its length.