Female Characters With White Hair

White hair has become popular, and many people embrace its stylishness. If you have transitioned to white hair or are considering it, there are protective styles you can use to keep your hair healthy.

Isla from “Plastic Memories”

Isla is the main character in the anime “Plastic Memories.” She works in the Terminal Service department of SAI Corporation, specializing in retrieving expired Giftia androids. After her partnership with Kazuki ended, Isla focused on cultivating herbs and serving tea. However, when partnered with Tsukasa, she is forced to return to fieldwork.

Despite her cold demeanor, Isla is caring and always wants the best for Tsukasa. As the show progresses, she shows more emotions and can become jealous of other androids marked by Tsukasa.

Alice Nakiri from “Food Wars!”

Alice Nakiri is a character from “Food Wars!” and is the cousin of Erina Nakiri. She is a skilled cook known for her molecular gastronomy expertise. Alice stands out with her distinctive silver hair, showcasing her Japanese and Danish heritage.

Unlike Erina, Alice is outgoing and social. She often jokes around with her rivals and needs to be more socially dense like Erina. She loves pushing the boundaries of cooking and using advanced technology to create unique dishes.

Lisanna Strauss from “Fairy Tail”

Lisanna Strauss is an Undertaking Mage from the anime “Fairy Tail.” She can use Overmagic and is the younger sister of Mirajane and Elfman Strauss. Lisanna is also childhood friends with Natsu Dragneel.

Initially presumed dead, Lisanna was transported to the parallel world of Edolas. She has short white hair and blue eyes. Despite being the weakest of the Strauss siblings, she possesses Animal Soul magic, allowing her to transform into different animals.

Laura from “God Eater”

Laura is a New-Type God Eater from the anime “God Eater.” She joined the Fenrir Russia Branch before being transferred to the Far East Branch. She has shown great improvement as a combatant and plays a crucial role in foiling the Director’s Ark Project scheme.

Laura prioritizes the safety of her fellow team members over her own well-being. She has a deep dislike for the Aragami creatures after her parents were killed by them. However, her views change after meeting Shio during a mission.

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey is an American actress and voice actor known for her work in various anime and video games. She has also worked as a playwright and author in stage productions. Mido, a character from “God Eater,” can be seen fighting off an enemy in Code Vein’s lore video.