Blue Anime hair and White hair Female Models

Shiro is an albino white hair female, the student body President at a Japanese high school. She was best friends with Ganta, a mysterious girl with no memory of her past. Shiro’s life has been complicated by her strange appearance and mannerisms. She is the same age as Ganta, but has inhuman physical abilities and intimate knowledge of prison life. Her story is based on the misunderstanding between Ganta, which leads to a bizarre confrontation between them.


The mainstream media has a white hair standard that many women wish to meet. It is the norm to see blonde, red, and mahogany hair on a model or in a commercial. But what about women with unusual or white hair? Why not have a fashion show off your natural beauty? Whether you’re in love or just looking for a fresh style, you can find it in anime. If you’re curious, here are some popular examples of women with white tresses.